Dock for the Square Reader

A home-base for your contactless and chip card reader – the Dock for Square Reader is where you can simultaneously accept payments and charge up.

Image of the Dock for the Square contactless and chip and PIN card reader

To get started with the dock, review the steps below:

  1. Connect the dock’s USB cable to any powered USB port (e.g., cell phone charger, computer).
  2. On the dock, pull up on the clear tab to remove the detachable piece.
  3. Insert the Square Reader making sure it’s fully connected by aligning the micro USB connectors.
  4. Put the detachable piece back to secure the reader in place.
  5. Make sure to connect your reader to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to start accepting payments.

Note: The dock’s USB cord measures 1.75 metres. Extender cables aren’t officially supported, so we can’t guarantee compatibility.

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