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Process Custom Sale Amounts

Square Point of Sale makes checkout easy with your customizable item library. If you need to ring up a unique item or custom sale amount, Square Point of Sale makes that simple too!

Enter a custom sale amount

  1. From the Square app, tap the keypad icon in the navigation bar.
  2. Enter a custom amount, followed by the orange + icon. Repeat these steps to turn the Square app into a quick calculator.
  3. You can tap Current Sale (at the top) and select a sale amount to adjust the quantity, VAT, discounts, or add a note.
  4. To charge your customer, tap Charge.
  5. You’ll see one green light on the reader. Insert the chip card or hold the contactless card or device over the reader to complete the sale. For chip card payments, advise your customer to enter their PIN on your device, followed by the tick button.
  6. For payments in which the card is not present tap Credit or Debit Number to manually enter your customer’s card information or select a different payment method.
  7. Customers can select their receipt delivery preference on the receipt screen.