Can I accept eftpos cards?

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You can accept eftpos branded chip cards via the Square Reader, Square Terminal, or Square Register by either inserting or tapping the card on the hardware.

Please note that eftpos cards without a chip aren’t accepted on Square.

If your customer wants to pay with their eftpos card, or wants to use funds from their cheque or savings account, you’ll need to instruct them to insert their card into the Square Reader (1st or 2nd generation), Square Stand (2nd generation), Square Terminal, or Square Register. They’ll be prompted to select the appropriate account on the display of your device.

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Does my Square Reader accept all eftpos cards?

Your Square Reader accepts eftpos branded chip cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay eftpos devices. This means the older ‘swipe only’ eftpos cards cannot be accepted.

If my customers don’t have an eftpos branded chip card, what can they do?

Customers can contact their bank directly and order a new eftpos card. Magstripe or ‘swipe only’ cards are being phased out by eftpos in Australia, so all new eftpos branded cards that are issued will be chip cards.

Why will the magstripe or ‘swipe only’ cards not be accepted?

Chip credit and debit cards are inherently more secure than magstripe or ‘swipe only’ cards - this is why magstripe-only cards (cards without a chip) are being phased out in Australia.

Can I use the smaller Square chip card reader to accept eftpos cards?

No. You will only be able to accept eftpos chip cards with the Square Reader.

Will eftpos cards still show up as regular transactions in my Square account?

Yes. As with all purchases made using Square app, you will be able to capture and track all transactions made with eftpos cards through your Square Dashboard.

Will I be able to give my customers a ‘cash out’ option when they pay with eftpos?

No. You are not able to issue cash out through the Square app.

Will large purchases made with eftpos cards still require a PIN to be entered into my device?

Yes. The current contactless payment limit is up to $200 before the customer is prompted for a PIN with Visa, American Express, and JCB branded cards. Mastercard has resumed a CVM (cardholder verification method) limit of $100 per contactless card payment.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Square Support.

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