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Manage Devices by Location

Square POS

A point of sale for however you sell.

Creating and assigning devices to your business locations enables your team to sign in to your point of sale without needing your account’s email and password.

When you create a Device Code for the first time, you’ll be asked to assign the device to a specific location. You can create and edit locations anytime from your online Square Dashboard. Device Codes can pair a phone or tablet to a specific location, allowing for device-level reporting.

Note: Device Codes cannot be used to access your online Square Dashboard or account settings. To give a team member their own login for your online Square Dashboard, you’ll need to subscribe to Team Management.

Create Device Codes

Before you get started, ensure you are signed out of the Square app.

  1. From Account & Settings > Business information > Devices in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Create Device.

  3. Enter a Nickname and click Create to generate your code.

  4. Choose to send your code via email or phone number and tap Send.

  5. Open the Square app on your mobile device and tap Sign In.

  6. Tap “Use a Device Code” and enter the code.

The device status in your dashboard should say Active.

If you have team members, they can clock in with their personal passcode and will have permissions based on their permissions group.

Note: If not used within 48 hours, a device code will expire and you’ll need to reset it to sign in to the Square app.

Reset or Deactivate a Device Code

If your device is misplaced or stolen, you can reset your device code from Devices in your online Square Dashboard. To do so:

  1. Go to Devices on your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click the device to reset or deactivate.

  3. Click Reset Device Login or Delete.

  4. If you reset, you’ll be given a new device code.

For basic device code troubleshooting, update your device’s software and the Square app.

Learn more about: Multi-Location Management

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