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Reporting and analytics for your gift cards

From Reports in your online Square Dashboard, you can easily view and export data about your gift card sales and redemptions.

View and download reports in Dashboard

To view gift card sales and redemptions online:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, click Reporting > Reports.

  2. Click Gift cards. Use the date selector at the top-left of the page to refine the date range.

  3. To download this data as a CSV file to your computer, click Export and select either Gift card details or Gift card summary. You can open this file using Microsoft Excel or another common spreadsheet program or financial software.

Activations reporting

The amount reported under ‘Activations’ is the total loaded onto gift cards and does not account for discounted gift cards. For example, if you sold a $100 gift card for $80, we’ll report the $100 under Activations.

You can view how much you were actually paid for gift card sales from the Sales summary report in your online Square Dashboard under Gift card sales.

Gift card activity

You can check the balance on all outstanding gift cards you’ve issued to date. To do so, use the ‘Gift card details’ report that shows the Gift Card PAN suffix, initial load date, last loaded date, last date the card was used and the outstanding balance.

To view gift card specific gift card details and activities:

  1. Go to the Square Gift Cards Overview page from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Filter by date, location or card type. 

  3. Select the gift card to view details on the right.

View gift card reporting from the Square app

From the Square Point of Sale app, you can access an overview of purchased gift cards. You can choose which sales data your team has access to by granting them access to either detailed or limited sales reporting.

To access the overview:

  1. From the navigation bar, tap ≡ More.

  2. Tap Reports > Gift cards.

  3. By default, you can access an overview of gift card activations and redemptions in the last 30 days or outstanding gift cards from all time.

Gift card sales

The sale of a gift card is recorded separately from your product sales. Your gross and net sales will exclude gift card sales.

Multiple location reporting

To track your gift cards from multiple locations, take a look at the ‘Inter-location payables & receivables’ report under the Gift Card tab in the Reports section of your online Square Dashboard.

This report shows gift card sales between your locations for the time frame selected. When the value is loaded onto a gift card, that location receives the gift card funds upfront. A location that redeems gift card value is owed sales value by the loading location:

  • Receivable is the gift card value spent at this location that was loaded at another location.

  • Payable is the gift card value loaded at this location that was spent at another location.

Read more in the Square Glossary under Reporting Terms.

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