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Square Gift Cards

Bring in new business with digital and physical gift cards you can sell in person and online.

With Square, creating and selling physical gift cards to promote your business is easy.

Order your gift cards

To use your Square Gift Cards to customers, you’ll need to choose between a starter pack (20 cards) or Quick and Custom Cards (75 cards minimum).

Starter Pack

To order 20 pre-printed physical gift cards, visit our Square Shop. Each starter pack contain 20 cards with four unique designs packaged in a cardholder that can be used to display your gift cards on your counter. A blank space is provided on the back of each card to allow you to write relevant information including your business name and the card value.

You can choose between three designs; floral, brushstroke or kaleidoscope. These Starter Pack gift cards come with free standard shipping within 2-7 business days or paid expedited shipping within 1-4 business days.

Note: You cannot customise the gift card Starter Pack with your business name, logo or other personalisation. For customisation, choose Quick or Custom Cards below.

Quick and Custom Cards

To order Quick or Custom Cards (75 card minimum):

  1. Go to Payments > Gift Cards on your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Plastic Gift Cards.

  3. Click Order Cards.

  4. Select Quick Card or Custom Card > Continue.

  5. Add your information, including any business details.

  6. Add optional accessories such as sleeves or displays to help boost your Gift Card sales.

  7. Click Submit and Continue to Checkout.

  8. Confirm your order details, enter your billing details and click Place Order.

Note: If you have questions about your customised order, please get in touch with Square’s Gift Card partner vendor eCard systems via email.

Once you’ve received your gift cards:

  1. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Square app on a compatible device.

  2. Confirm or edit your gift card default amounts.

  3. Draft a gift card policy for your customers that is displayed upon check out.  You can include information like how your customer can check their balance, contact information and your gift card refunds policy.  Please review the Square Additional Point of Sale Terms of Service for limits on gift card functionality, including expiry dates and fees.

  4. Start selling your gift cards! During checkout, to redeem the gift card balance you can either swipe your customer’s gift card, manually enter the gift card number or scan the gift card QR code or barcode with your device’s camera or a compatible barcode scanner.

Redeeming gift card balances via QR code or a barcode scanner is only available on iOS devices at this time.

Note: If you are using a third-party eCommerce integration partner and you’re selling physical Square gift cards, please check with the integration partner before ordering to ensure they are redeemable. Although Square is the payment processor, the partner may not always support external gift card redemption from Square.

Square Gift Card Fees

With Square Gift Cards, you will pay a 2.5% load fee of the total amount loaded on to the gift card whenever you load or reload a physical gift card or digital eGift Card online or in store.

Square’s payment processing fees will also apply for gift cards purchased with credit or debit cards.

The price of your gift card order is based on your order size. Gift cards can be reloaded and reused multiple times.

Card Options Description Price* Production Time Estimate** Templates
Starter Pack Batches of 20 cards in a theme you choose of 4 designs. Includes a paper countertop presentation box. $2.95 per card plus a 2.5% load fee and standard processing fees Ships within 2-7 business day Pre-designed cards – no customisation available.
Quick Card Choose from our library of designs. 75 card minimum order From 96¢ per card depending on order volume plus a 2.5% load fee and standard processing fees Ships within 6-10 business days Pre-designed templates that you can add your business information to.
Custom Card Design your own card by uploading your artwork. 75 card minimum order From 74¢ per card depending on order volume plus a 2.5% load fee and standard processing fees Ships within 20 business days Upload your own artwork. Can also add your logo and any other text.

**Estimated production time does not include additional delivery time (3-5 working days for Starter Packs and Customised gift cards and 3-7 working days for Quick Cards).

Once you’ve placed your order, learn how to use your Square Gift Cards.

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