Order Your Square Gift Cards

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With Square, it’s easy to create and sell gift cards for your business. However, please note that gift cards can only be used with Square and Square Online and will not work with other integrations.

Order your Gift Cards

First, start by ordering your plastic cards from our partner . To get started:

  1. Go to Payments > Gift Cards in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Plastic Gift Cards.

  3. Click Order Cards > Order Now.

  4. Select Starter Pack, Quick Designs or Custom Card.

  5. Choose the quantity, material and finish.

  6. Add your information and submit your order.

Note: if you have questions about your customised order, please contact Square’s Gift Card partner vendor via email.

Once you’ve received your gift cards:

  1. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Square app on a compatible device.

  2. Confirm or edit your gift card default amounts.

  3. Draft a gift card policy for your customers that is displayed upon check out.  You can include information like how your customer can check their balance, contact information and your gift card refunds policy.  Please review the Square Additional Point of Sale Terms of Service for limits on gift card functionality, including expiration dates and fees.

  4. Start selling your gift cards!

Note: if you are using a third-party eCommerce integration partner and you’re selling physical Square gift cards, please check with the integration partner before ordering to ensure they are redeemable. Although Square is the payment processor, the partner may not always support external gift card redemption from Square.

Gift Card Pricing

Square’s payment processing fees will apply for gift cards purchased with credit or debit cards. There are no additional recurring fees for using Square Gift Cards.

The price of your gift card order will be based on your order size and is a one-time cost. Gift cards can be reloaded and reused multiple times.

Card Options Description Price Shipping Estimate Templates
Starter Pack Batch of 100 cards in a theme you choose of 4 designs. Includes envelopes for each card and a tiered card holder £129 5 business days Pre-designed. Can also add your logo and any other text.
Quick Designs Choose from our library of designs. 50 card minimum order £0.52 - £1.72 per card depending on order volume 5 business days Pre-designed. Can also add your logo and any other text.
Custom Card Design your own card by uploading your artwork. 50 card minimum order £0.50 - £1.25 per card depending on order volume 7 business days Upload your own artwork. Can also add your logo and any other text.

Note: eco-degradable card options are available for 5p per card.

Once you’ve placed your order, learn how to use your Square Gift Cards.

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