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Navigate the Square Dashboard

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Your can access more tools and features with your Square account using the online Square Dashboard. You can manage your daily business operations by accessing features like reporting, team management, or app integrations. Below is an overview of your online Square Dashboard which you can access via a compatible web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.


Home provides a snapshot of your daily business activities – your next transfer amount, total gross sales, top selling items, and more. You also have a quick summary of customer activity and feedback from the last 30 days.


The following sections are available for your Square sales:

  • Reports: Access general sales summaries and reports on sales trends, accepted payment methods, items sold, labour vs. sales etc. You can also build your own custom report.

  • Transactions: Review details on individual transactions, including customer-facing receipts. You can export your transactions, items summary, or items detail in a CSV file.

  • Balance: See your next transfer amount, full transfer history and a breakdown of the transactions included in each transfer. You can also adjust your close of day

  • Cash Drawers: Track your cash drawer history and individual drawer sessions. Note: This is only available to customers with Cash Management enabled. 


Add items individually or in bulk to create your item library and manage item specific settings from the following sections:

Learn how you can use Square for Retail to help manage your inventory, build customer relationships, and sell in-store and online.


Create permission groups and team member profiles, track sales and shifts by team member, and reset passcodes. Manage your entire staff in a few clicks, allowing your team to take payments while keeping sensitive areas secure.

  • Team: Create team member profiles with assigned permission sets and passcodes for your Square Point of Sale app and online Square Dashboard.

  • Permissions: Create predefined permission sets for current and future team members that set permissions for what they can access in your Square Point of Sale app and online Square Dashboard.

Timecards and Shifts

Square Shifts allows you to manage and edit your team’s hours right from your online Square Dashboard.

  • Shift Scheduling for Team Members using Team Plus allows you to view your staff's availabilities, schedule their shifts, and allow them to trade shifts.

  • Workday: View and edit a single day’s worth of team member activity. This includes every shift started within the selected workday, breaks, notes, and whether any shifts for that day included overtime.

  • Report: Review total hours, notes (when using Team Plus), and labour costs necessary to pay your team members.

  • Settings: Set Overtime rules for each location and select a Work Period.


Access tools to help you to better understand and engage with your customers.

  • Customer Directory: A customer management software to track vital customer information, add notes to a customer's profile for future reference, and record every customer's transaction history.

  • Insights: View your customers’ payment activity and level of satisfaction. 

  • Feedback: See feedback from your customers about their experiences with your business and reply to them personally. 

  • Marketing: Square Marketing helps you connect with your customers with customised emails that promote your business. Targeted email marketing is an effective way to reach your customers and drive sales both in-person or online.


  • Manage everything invoice related – create new invoices, estimates, recurring invoice series, see outstanding or unpaid invoices, review your invoice payment history, and more.

Learn how to navigate the Square Invoices Overview page in Dashboard.


  • Contracts: Create and send contracts to establish clear service agreements with your customers, secure digital signatures, and potentially avoid potential payment disputes—all in one place.

Square Online

  • Square Online: Create a professional website to showcase your items online and accept payments with Square. Spend less time setting up your online site and more time focusing on your business.

  • Square Online Checkout: Customise your checkout page so your customers can checkout fast and easy from their mobile device. You can share a payment link or QR code through social media, email, text or 
on your website.

  • Orders: Once a customer places an order online, it will appear in the Order Manager section of your dashboard. You can view the customer and order details, the fulfillment type, and the order status.

Learn how to navigate the Square Online Overview page in Dashboard.

Virtual Terminal

Learn more about using Virtual Terminal, and how to navigate the Virtual Terminal Overview page in Dashboard.


Visit  to explore our Square Marketplace Apps and integrations and learn more about Square Connect API.

Account & Settings

Account & Settings is where you can:


Get insights on what’s driving sales, how customers are paying, and fees paid from your Reports tab:

  • Reports: Access general sales summaries and fees paid, create custom reports, and view reports on sales trends, accepted payment methods, items sold, etc.

  • Disputes: View, manage, and get updates on any disputes you may receive.

  • Cash Drawers: Track your cash drawer history and individual drawer sessions. Note: This is only available when Cash Management is enabled.

  • Activity Log: Track sensitive actions taken by your team — such as processed refunds, updates to item inventory, comps/voids, and discounts.

Square Products

You can also explore our Square products and features via the Dashboard:

Learn more about: Dashboard

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