Swipe Card Payments with the Square Reader

Square allows you to quickly swipe payment cards on your mobile device. You should only swipe payment cards that don’t have EMV chips. If the card has a chip, you must use the chip reader slot on the Square Reader. The Square Reader is compatible with the most updated version of the Square Point of Sale App on a supported device.

How to Swipe International Magnetic Stripe Cards 

  1. Open the Square Register app and plug the card reader into your device’s headphone jack until you hear a click.
  2. Add items from your library to the current sale or enter custom amounts by tapping the keypad icon in the navigation bar. You can also scan the barcode of an item with a SKU saved to your library if you’re using a tablet and barcode scanner.
  3. Tap the item in the current sale to add a description, create modifications and change the quantity as needed. If you’d like to split a payment between multiple payment methods, tap Charge > Split

    Note: You must charge at least $1.00 in order to process a payment with Square.

  4. Swipe the payment card smoothly through the back slot of the reader. The front of the card should face the Square logo on the reader.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the sale. Your customer may be asked to sign the screen with their finger. Tap the X icon or back arrow in the upper-left corner to cancel the payment and return to the previous screen.
  6. After the customer taps Done Signing, they can enter their preferred receipt delivery method. If your iPad is connected to a receipt or kitchen printer, you also can print a receipt and kitchen ticket.