Square Stand Comes to the UK

May 24, 2018

Today Square launched Stand in the UK, the first out-of-the-box solution to turn an iPad into a fully integrated point of sale system, allowing businesses to accept payments and run their business operations right from their countertop.

Aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, Square Stand is stylishly designed and simple to use. It connects with the Square Reader to allow businesses to accept card payments and run their entire operation from one device.

“Square Stand was built to provide sellers with a unique and beautiful solution that makes taking in-person payments simple, elegant, and fast,” said Jesse Dorogusker, Hardware Lead for Square. “Sellers in the UK have been asking for a full countertop solution for their businesses since we first introduced Square.

“Investing in the UK is priority for Square, and bringing Stand here is a great way to expand our global support for local businesses.”

Mike Sylvester is a co-founder of Workers’ Cafe, a co-working space and cafe in East London that has been trialling Square Stand. He said: “Since we got set up with Square last year, card payments have made up around 50% of our sales - so getting set up with Stand was a natural next step for us.

“We’re big fans - it looks great on our counter and makes the Point of Sale app even easier to use for our staff. I’d definitely recommend it.”

Square Stand can be seen in action this weekend at All Points East, a brand new music festival taking place in London’s Victoria Park. Thousands of music fans will be able to to pay by card or phone at the event, with Square devices appearing on food, drink and merchandise stalls across the festival.

Square launched in the UK in March 2017 with its Square Reader and Point Of Sale app, and has continued to expand its presence in the UK with the introduction of additional products and services including Instant Deposit, Virtual Terminal, and Cash App.

Usually priced at £129+VAT, Square Stand is available to purchase online today at the Square shop for a special introductory price of £64 +VAT.