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Sell on any website with buy buttons

Fast. Customisable. No monthly fees.

New! Square Online Checkout now comes with Clearpay
Buy now, pay later is now a built-in payment option for all eligible Square Online Checkout merchants.
Learn more about Clearpay ->

Sell anything

Place buy buttons on your website, portfolio or blog and start charging for whatever you sell, make or do. Accept secure payments online for anything – from products and services to subscriptions or donations with recurring payment schedules. You can even accept instalment payments with Clearpay.

Customise your buttons

Customise your buttons in lots of ways. Enter your Hex code and choose a customised font to make your button match your brand perfectly. Edit the button text to the specific action you want to encourage, like ‘Buy Now’, ’Donate’ or ‘Subscribe’. Even customise the button shape.

Works on any website

It doesn’t matter which platform you’ve built your current website on, Square Online Checkout buy buttons will work on it. With easily embeddable HTML code, your buttons seamlessly integrate with most popular website platforms, including WordPress, Wix and Squarespace.

  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • GoDaddy
  • Squarespace

Get started with Square Online Checkout.

Take your customers right to their shopping basket for a mobile-friendly checkout experience that comes with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Clearpay built in – simple, safe and convenient.


  • What is a buy button?

    A buy button takes customers directly to the checkout process. With the Square Buy Button, sellers can generate an embeddable checkout button that can be added to websites, blog posts or landing pages.

  • How do I add a buy button to my website?

    Use the following steps to add a Square Online Checkout buy button on your existing website.

    1. From the online Square Dashboard, select Add button to website.
    2. Select the Link purpose: Collect a payment, Sell an Item or Accept donations.
    3. Add a Title, Button text, amount and adjust the Frequency of the payment.
    4. Add an optional Image.
    5. Adjust the Advance settings if needed.
    6. Click Continue. Adjust the style that will be applied to all of your buttons
      a. Select a custom font in the Font dropdown menu
      b. Select a standard colour or enter your brand HEX code colour in the Colour field
      c. Select from three button shapes
      d. Display the image, title or price
    7. Select, copy and paste the embed code on your existing website

    For specific instructions on how to add a buy button on a WordPress, Squarespace or Wix website, read this guide.