Get Essential Customer Feedback Through Your Receipts

Customer reviews are a vital part of growing your business. They let you know what you can do to make your business better and the act of asking for reviews can create loyalty among your customers. This is why we have Square Feedback, a new free feature that helps you hear directly from your customers—giving you the opportunity to thank customers for their patronage, improve what isn’t working or privately ‘win them back’. You can even offer refunds or coupons through Square Feedback.

Square Feedback

With this new feature, customers can comment directly to you about their experience from within their digital receipt and choose whether or not they’d like a response from you. Then you’ll get an alert letting you know when they’ve sent feedback. If customers have enabled your reply, you can respond from within your Point of Sale app on your mobile device or your web Dashboard to keep the conversation going and turn feedback into an opportunity to create another loyal customer.

Benefits of Customer Feedback

What’s great about Square Feedback is that it allows you to have a dialogue with customers outside of the public eye (as opposed to on Yelp or Facebook or other social media). Since it’s a one-on-one conversation, we recommend talking more conversationally with people, just as you would if they were in your store. Feedback is also connected to your Customer Directory, so you can refer to how often customers come in, how much they spend on average, and their history with your business, and then use that information to respond to their feedback more personally.

Square seller Andrew McWilliam, owner of Ratio Coffee & Pastry in Vernon, British Columbia, saw positive feedback from customers within a few hours of using Square Feedback and enjoyed seeing that it offered a quick way to interact with customers about their experience and step up customer service. It also enabled him to quickly and easily resolve an issue with a customer in a one-on-one dialogue. “The context of our customer’s previous purchases was helpful in informing how we resolved the issue with our customer,” says Andrew. “In the age of Yelp and TripAdvisor, all businesses get online reviews from customers. To directly take care of customer concerns through the receipt and either issue a refund or send a coupon for a free beverage is powerful. It’s another level of engagement not offered on other platforms we have used so far.”

While feedback is a great tool to make your customers feel heard and to improve how your business runs, enthusiastic Square Feedback can also have a second life out in the open. Ask your happy customers if they’d be willing to repost on social media to promote your business, or if you can use their reviews as testimonials on your own website (you might want to consult a legal expert to make sure you get the right permissions). You can also use positive feedback as a way to motivate your employees or thank them for a job well done.

Square Feedback is one of the many ways Square helps streamline things so you can focus on what matters most—your customers. Start using Square Feedback today.

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