Payroll that keeps it simple

From full-service online payroll processing to automated tax filings to employee benefits, you’ll get everything an Atlanta business needs, all in one place.

Features that fit right into your business.

With Square you can easily integrate our suite of payroll tax software into Square’s set of tools and keep your Atlanta business moving.

Automatically track time

Schedule, manage, and track employee hours with payroll software that integrates with your time cards and POS.

Get the benefits your team deserves

From worker’s compensation to medical, dental, and vision plans to a 401K, your employees can get benefits for now and in the future.

Discover an all-in-one solution

Keep your business moving with tools that are built to help with everything from payment processing to appointments to cash flow.

Pay employees instantly

Stop waiting to run payroll and start paying your employees instantly by using the funds from your Square Balance.

We've got your back, Atlanta

If you’ve still got questions, our payroll service experts are here to help you get them answered.

Want to Learn More?

Our payroll sales team can answer any questions you may have — fill out the contact form to have a Payroll Sales Specialist reach out.