Scalable solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

No matter if you’re just starting out or looking at your next location, Square has customisable solutions for your business size.

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Brian Hanratty

Owner of Happy Out Coffee

An all-in-one solution for payments, point-of-sale software, scheduling, payment terminal, online sales and more.

Tired of having multiple systems that don’t work together? Square’s integrated point-of-sale software and payment tools bring it all together on one platform.

‘Going through all the features and realising that we could have everything in one space was one of the main reasons we switched.’

Dave McParland

Owner of Shaka Poké

Features that continue to develop.

As your business grows, so does Square. Learn how these Irish businesses have scaled to multiple locations.

‘With four locations and a diverse range of services, we’ve put Square through its paces given the variety of menus and offering, and it has consistently met our expectations. Brother Hubbard is a good measure of Square’s capabilities.’

Garrett Fitzgerald

Owner of Brother Hubbard Cafes