Happy Out Expands to 3rd Dun Laoghaire Location, with the help of Square

Happy Out, the beloved cafe known for exceptional service and great food, is making waves with its grand opening at Dun Laoghaire Baths, Ireland’s first-of-its-kind seaside café. As Happy Out spreads joy, inclusivity, and delicious bites, the secret ingredient behind their success is their partnership with the Together Academy.

We sat down with Brian Hanratty, the owner of Happy Out, to chat about fostering a community and growing with the help of Square.

Fostering Community and Inclusion

At the heart of Happy Out’s mission is their commitment to fostering a strong community in Dun Laoghaire and keeping their customers happy. Their journey is made even more exceptional with the support of the Together Academy, a unique social enterprise in Dublin dedicated to providing young adults with Down syndrome (Ds) certified training, practical work experience, employment opportunities, and a critical social and support network. Operating in Wanderers Rugby Club, with the support of DDLETB, the Together Academy is training young adults in culinary skills and supporting their learning in a modern, dynamic, and popular training café.


The collaboration between Happy Out Cafe and Together Academy began when Brian Hanratty of Happy Out was inspired by Together Academy’s vision of inclusion and employment for young adults with Down syndrome. They worked together to train students in barista skills, set up the coffee counter, and establish other systems for the cafe. The Together Café, opened in 2022, received rave reviews and has become a symbol of meaningful inclusion in the community.

Managing multiple locations with Square

With Square, Happy Out can easily manage all three of their sites and change offerings on the menu. The flexibility and features of the point of sale solution make it very easy to operate in multiple locations, and accept payments, quickly, easily and securely


“Square’s reporting is invaluable for making business decisions. The dashboard app provides a clear overview of what’s happening, including popular items and labour costs. It helps us identify busy periods and compare them to previous days, making staffing decisions easier.”

As Happy Out continues to expand, there are always more details to consider. With Square Team Management, they’re able to manage their roster easily and keep an eye on when staff clock in and out. Plus, with the intuitive design of Square’s hardware and software solutions, training new staff members is simple and straightforward. By saving time with a streamlined process, Brian and his team are able to focus on serving their customers better and expanding their revenue.

Keeping customers Happy Out

Square Online has been a great asset to improving the cafe’s customer experience.

“Square Online is very user-friendly for our customers, and it supports Google and Apple Pay. We can update things in our click and collect system as needed, reducing missed orders or orders that require changes.

The Kitchen Display System also allows us to update estimated order preparation times, enhancing the overall customer experience.”

A first of its kind

Happy Out at the Dun Laoghaire Baths is a pioneering addition to the cafe scene in Ireland. It’s not just about food and coffee; it’s about offering an atmosphere of fun, empathy, and true inclusion, a commitment deeply shared with Together Academy. The exceptional service, delectable food, and great coffee synonymous with Happy Out and Together Cafe will be complemented by breathtaking views, making the experience truly extraordinary.

If you fancy a breathtaking view with a Cluckin’ Unbelievable sambo, check out their website here or follow them on Instagram.