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Checkout options with Square for Franchises

Who is this article for?
This article is for franchise owners who need more information about checking out with Square for Franchises.

About checkout options

With your Square for Franchise's powered checkout, your customers will be able to update their order as needed from one checkout page. Options your customers can update from the checkout page include:

  • Fulfillment options such as Pickup, Delivery, or Curbside

  • Order fulfillment time

  • Order to table options

  • Pickup or Delivery address

  • Add, update, or edit items in the cart

  • Express checkout options such as ApplePay or GooglePay

  • Payment method

  • Gift cards

  • Redeem rewards

  • Tips

  • Order notes, etc. 

Before you begin

For your customers to use the Square for Franchise’s powered checkout, you first need to have an online ordering domain, existing menu items created, and access to your Square for Franchises dashboard. Learn more about creating an online ordering domain and editing items with Square for Franchises. 

Customer checkout experience

  1. From the Square for Franchises online ordering site, your customer will set up their order by choosing fulfillment options and a pickup time or delivery address if applicable.

  2. Once all fulfillment options have been selected, they will click Proceed to menu

  3. From the menu, they choose an item to Add to cart, then click the cart icon to open the My Cart screen and review menu selections. 

  4. Under How To Get It, they can review their fulfillment options. 

  5. Review other checkout options where applicable, such as Discounts, Loyalty, Tips etc. 

  6. Once all checkout options have been reviewed, click Proceed to checkout

Next Steps

Review the following Support Center articles for more information about Square for Franchises: