Troubleshoot Missing Orders with Square KDS

Who is this article for?
This article provides advanced troubleshooting for any orders placed through Square Point of Sale, Square for Restaurants, Square for Retail, and Square KDS.

About troubleshooting missing orders

If your orders placed on Square Point of Sale or Square for Restaurants are not appearing on your Square KDS, it can be a stressful experience for both your customers and staff. Most issues can be resolved with the suggested troubleshooting steps below to avoid hiccups in service and get you back to business.

Before you begin

Here are a couple of points to consider before you start troubleshooting your devices.

Orders duplicating on your KDS screen?

Duplicate orders appearing on your KDS may require our engineers to assist. Contact Square Support if the troubleshooting steps below do not solve the issue.

When to troubleshoot

If at all possible, try to troubleshoot your Square KDS and points of sale during after hours. If you must troubleshoot during the workday, try to avoid peak busy hours so your customers will experience few delays.

Multiple points of Sale and KDS stations

You’ll need to troubleshoot each Point of Sale device connected to a Square KDS (for example: checking the routing filters for each device.)

Offline mode to save data

It depends on whether your payments have been captured or not. If you are using Offline Mode, be sure to connect your offline devices to the internet to capture any unsettled payments. Tickets will not be sent to the KDS while you are accepting offline payments.

iOS KDS deprecation

Earlier this year, Square KDS launched on Android and we’ve made the decision to deprecate the Square KDS for iOS app. You may continue to use Square KDS for iOS app until June 2025, but the Square KDS app will no longer be supported with updates.

To continue using Square KDS without in-service disruption or access new features of the product, you can migrate to Android from Square KDS on iOS.

Once Square KDS on iOS is deprecated, your diners will still be able to place orders, but those orders will not be accessible via your iOS KDS screen with Square.

Troubleshoot your point of sale or Square KDS

The steps below are listed in order of least to most time intensive. If the first step solves the issue, there is no need to continue troubleshooting. If the issue is not resolved, follow the instructions in sequential order.

Step 1: Validate Your Device Codes

Check your device codes to make sure you are signed in to the correct location on your point of sale/Square KDS with the matching device code and nickname you previously set up on your Square Dashboard for that device.

  1. Once you’ve added your first device, you can manage your device codes from your Square Dashboard by going to Settings > Devices. From here, you can verify that you are signing in with the correct device code you have assigned to your location by matching the exact device nickname and device code.
  2. Before you sign in with a device code, sign out of the Square app you’re using, whether Square Point of Sale, Square for Retail, or Square for Restaurants. Device codes will help maintain settings and any settings changes across your devices. Team members can clock in with their personal passcode and will have permissions based on their permissions group. Learn more about custom permissions.
  3. If your device code does not allow you to sign in or there is an error at sign-in, the device code may have expired. If not used within 48 hours, a device code will expire and you’ll need to reset it to sign in to the Square app. From your Devices page on your Square Dashboard, select your device. Click Reset Device Code to get a new device code.
  4. If the above steps resolve the issue, learn more about managing devices by location.

If the issue is still unresolved, move on to step two.

Step 2: Confirm your Square KDS settings are configured correctly

If you have created categories for your items, check that: A) your items are assigned to the correct category and B) categories are assigned to route orders to your preferred expo (KDS) station.

  1. Edit each item to mark which kitchen category the item should route to from item settings. You can edit from the Item Detail page on your Square Dashboard: click Menus/Items > Item > Item Detail Page.
  2. If Kitchen Categories are already enabled, then click the drop-down field Kitchen Routing category. Select your existing category or create a new category to assign to the item.
  3. Go into your KDS app to choose which categories you want to route to the KDS screen. In your KDS app, go to Settings > Routing > Item & Categories. Confirm you see the list of Kitchen Categories you previously created (if you don’t see your previously created Kitchen Categories, go back and check the Kitchen Routing page on your Square Dashboard).
  4. If the above steps resolve the issue, learn more about Routing Orders with Square KDS.

If the issue is still unresolved, move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Restart your KDS and points of sale

Restarting all of your devices and updating software may require your point of sale or expo (KDS) stations to be unavailable for taking orders.

Using written paper tickets can make troubleshooting less stressful while your staff serves your customers in the meantime.

Restarting your device will not erase your settings or open orders.

If restarting your devices does not resolve the issue, move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Update your KDS and points of sale with the latest software

To make sure the Square app runs smoothly and to access the newest features and fixes, update to the latest version of software available for your device.

Update the app version for iOS and Android devices.

Both Square Register and Square Terminal update automatically overnight as long as the devices are powered on, plugged in, and connected to the internet. If you don’t see the option to update your software then you are all set. Software updates typically take around 20 minutes to one hour to complete.

Click on the instructions below for the specific device you are troubleshooting:

Update your Android device

  1. Open your device’s Settings.
  2. Tap About > System Updates or Software Updates. The process to update software is different for each Android device. Instructions for updating software on your specific device should be available on Google’s Android Support page.
  3. Open the Google Play app > tap My games and apps.
  4. Locate and tap the Square Point of Sale app > tap Update.

Update your iOS device:

  1. Plug your device into a power source.
  2. From the device’s home screen, tap Settings > General > Software Update.
  3. Tap Download and Install.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update.
  5. Open the App Store > tap your profile icon. Scroll down to see pending updates.
  6. Tap Update All to update all apps on your device, or locate the Square app and tap Update.

Update your Square Register:

  1. Tap Utilities > Settings > Hardware.
  2. Tap General > About Register > Software Update.

Update your Square Terminal:

  1. Tap ≡ More > Settings > Hardware.
  2. Tap General > About Terminal > Software Update.

Test the point of sale connection to your KDS

Take a trial order to double check that your KDS is properly receiving orders from the point of sale (either Square Point of Sale, Square for Retail or Square Restaurants Point of Sale).