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Get Started with Square Local

Square Local is a platform where customers can find cashback offers from local businesses participating on the platform.

Note: If you are a customer looking for support using Square Local, refer to Square Local FAQ.

How Square Local Works

Customers who sign up for the platform can browse and activate offers they are interested in. Once an offer is activated, customers will automatically earn cash back upon their next purchase at that business within the offer timelines. There is no extra setup required for participating sellers, and no extra steps at checkout or training are needed.

Sign Up

To sign up for Square Local:

  1. Visit the Square Local Sign-up page.

  2. Click Try for free, and enter your information. 

  3. A member of our team will reach out to help you complete signup. 

Note: Square Local is currently only available in Atlanta and Portland.

Square Local Reporting

Square Local provides reporting that helps measure the success of your business on the program, including how it performs every week. You can filter the Square Local reporting by Period and/or Location. By default, the insights will reflect All Time and All Locations.

Square Local reporting will show you:

  • Attributable sales: the total dollars (excluding tax and tip) for cashback-incurring transactions.

  • Return on spend: your attributable sales divided by the cashback customers earned. 

  • Activations: The number of customers who activated your offer. Activations do not include how many customers used your offer.

  • Cashback customers: the number of customers who earned cash back from your business.

  • Transactions: the number of transactions from customers who earned cash back from your business.

  • Average order value (AOV): attributable sales divided by the number of cashback-incurring transactions.

To access your Square Local reporting:

  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Marketing > Square Local Offers. 

You will also receive email updates, based on your business’s performance over the past 30 days, to the email address you have on file.

Note: Square Local offers expire after one week they are created. Every week, Square Local creates and refreshes cashback offers for your business. The offered percentage will vary week over week.