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Square Messages with Facebook Messenger

Create a single channel for all your customer communications with the new Square Messages integration with Facebook Messenger for Business. Stay ahead of customer demands whether they reach out to you through text, email, or Facebook Messenger.

With this integration, you can view and reply to messages sent to your Facebook business page within Square Messages on your Dashboard. Inbound messages and photos will be accessible to you and your employees, so you can provide a seamless experience from your social page to your Square platform. All you need to get started is a Facebook Business Page with messaging permissions enabled.

Get Started

To begin, make sure Square Messages is enabled on your Square account. Then, you can connect your Square Messages with Facebook Messenger.

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Account & Settings > Online Sales Channels.

  2. Click the Get Started button for Facebook Messenger for Business and enter your Facebook login information in the pop-up login portal.

  3. Select the business pages you want to use with Square Messages.

  4. Review and apply permission options and click Done.

  5. Close the Facebook login portal after Facebook confirms the connection with Square Messages was successful. 

  6. Return to your online Square Dashboard to assign specific locations to your linked Facebook Business Page. 

  7. Click Save

Manage Your Facebook Messenger Settings

On the Manage Channel page, you can check your connection with your Facebook account, view and edit the Square locations attached to your Facebook Business pages, or remove the integration. You can also adjust settings through your Facebook in your Account Integration Settings.

To make edits or update your preferences:

  1. Go to your Square Dashboard and click Account & Settings > Online Sales Channels

  2. Select Manage in the ​​Facebook Messenger for Business section. 

  3. Make any changes and click Save.


If you are experiencing issues connecting your Facebook business page with Square Messages, try the following:

Facebook Troubleshooting

Make sure your Facebook account and your Facebook business pages are in good standing by reviewing the following:

  • Your business page must have Messenger enabled for customers to contact you.

  • Make sure the Facebook account you are using is the moderator of your business page.

Setup Troubleshooting

If you encounter errors during the integration process, try the following:

  • If you do not see a separate browser window to log in to Facebook during setup, check your browser for pop-up blockers that may prevent the window from opening.

  • During setup, make sure the permission set requested by Square is turned on. Turning off any of the permissions may interfere with communication between Facebook Messenger and Square.

Square Messages Facebook Messenger Permissions Set

  • You must connect at least one Square location to Facebook Messenger for the integration to work. Review your selected locations by going to Account & Settings > Online Sales Channels > Facebook Messenger for Business > Manage > Location Mapping in your Square Dashboard.

  • Disconnect your Facebook account and reconnect it to Square Messages. From your Square Dashboard, go to Account & Settings > Online Sales Channels > Facebook Messenger for Business > Manage > Remove channel. All Facebook Messenger mappings will be removed, but no messages will be lost. Wait a few minutes before reconnecting.


How does this integration work?

This integration lets you connect Facebook Messenger to Square Messages, so that you can receive and reply to messages sent to your Facebook business page within Square Messages.

Square Messages will not connect to your personal Facebook account — you can only connect Facebook pages you have administrator access to. You will still have access to business messages through Meta Business Suite.

What do I need to get started?

Before you get started, make sure that you have a Facebook business page and that your page has a ‘Message us’ button. See How do I add an action button to my Facebook Page? in the Facebook Help Center.

Is Facebook Messenger replacing Square Messages?

No. Adding the Facebook Messenger channel simply allows you to receive more messages from customers in one place. You will still be able to send texts and emails to your customers alongside Facebook messages.

Will my data be shared with Facebook?

No. Facebook will only receive the messages, photos, or links in the messages you send to your customers via Messenger.

Will Facebook users get added to my Customer Directory?

No, Facebook users will not get added to your Customer Directory automatically. If you would like to add a Facebook user that has messaged you, click () within the conversation in Messages (Dashboard only) and select Add to Directory. A phone number or email for the customer is required to add them to your directory.

Who will have access to Facebook messages in Square?

Any team members with the Messages permission will be able to view and respond to Facebook messages for the locations they have access to. It is important to connect your Facebook pages to the corresponding locations so messages are routed to the right locations.

For example, if you have a Facebook page for each of your four locations, you can connect each Facebook page to its associated location in Square — meaning employees with access to one location will only see messages sent to the page connected to that location.

If you have one Facebook page for all of your locations, you can choose to connect that page to one or all locations.

How will I receive notifications for new Facebook messages?

You will receive notifications for new Facebook messages the same way you receive Square Messages notifications: via email notifications and push notifications. If you have Meta Business Suite installed on your mobile device, you may want to turn off notifications so you are not sent duplicate notifications for the same message.

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