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Using Scales with Square for Retail


With Square for Retail, you can easily connect a compatible Bluetooth or USB scale to the device you’re using to take payments and start selling items by weight. To get started, check out our Hardware Compatibility page, or refer to the table below to review the various scales compatible with Square for Retail.

Supported Scales

Manufacturer Model Connection Type Square Stand iPad (No Square Stand) Square Register
Star Micronics mG-S8200 Bluetooth ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✖ No
Brecknell 6710U USB ✔ Yes ✖ No ✔ Yes
CAS CAS SW-RS USB ✔ Yes ✖ No ✔ Yes

Note: Scales are not currently compatible with Square for Retail on Mobile (iPhone). If you’re using an iPad (with or without a Square Stand), you must run app version 5.60 or higher. If you’re using Square Register, you must run app version 4.27.0040 or higher. Learn more about updating your app.

Getting Started

In order to sell items by weight or use a compatible scale with Square for Retail, you’ll first need to make sure you have the appropriate unit types enabled for weight measurements. You can use the following unit types: Gram (g), Pound (lb), and Ounce (oz).

Online Square Dashboard

  1. Visit the Items tab in your online Square Dashboard > click Units.

  2. Click Add Unit.

  3. Select the appropriate weight unit and precision > click Save.

  4. Once you set up the weight unit and precision, visit your Item Library > click Create an Item. Enter the item name, category, details, and make sure to select a unit type for weight.

  5. Click Save.

Square for Retail App

  1. From the navigation menu, select Items > Unit.

  2. Tap Create Unit, and select the appropriate weight unit and precision > tap Save.

  3. Once you set up the weight unit and precision, head to Items again and tap Create Item. Enter the item name, category, and details, and make sure to select a unit type for weight.

  4. Tap Save.

Connecting Your Scale

Depending on the scale you’re using, you’ll either need to connect to your hardware via Bluetooth LTE or USB.

Bluetooth Scale

To pair a Bluetooth scale:

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth settings on your device are turned on.

  2. From the Square for Retail app, navigate to Settings > Hardware > Scales.

  3. Tap Connect a Scale.

  4. You’ll see a list of supported scales. Tap Connect to pair the appropriate scale to your device.

Note: If your scale ever becomes disconnected, your Square for Retail app will remember the scale and attempt to reconnect automatically. Square for Retail can only pair with one scale at a time, and if you need to use the scale with another device, you’ll first need to unpair it from the device it is actively paired with.

To unpair a Bluetooth scale:

  1. From the Square for Retail app, navigate to Settings > Hardware > Scales.

  2. You’ll see your connected scale — tap Disconnect to unpair.

USB Scale

For Brecknell 6710U and CAS SW-RS scales, you’ll need an RS-232 to USB-A cable prior to getting started. This can be purchased through Square Shop.

  1. Plug the 9-pin end of the RS-232 cable into the port on your scale, and insert the USB-A end into the Hub of your Square Stand or Square Register.

  2. To check the connection, open the Square for Retail app and navigate to Settings > Hardware > Scales. The connected scale should appear in the app menu as USB Scale.

Selling Items by Weight

Once you create your units and items and connect a compatible scale, you're ready to start selling by weight.

  1. From the Square for Retail app, select an item from your library.

  2. Place the item on your scale, and refer to the weight in the top-right corner of the app screen.

  3. Once the weight has been calculated and confirmed, tap Add to Cart.

  4. Tap Charge, and complete the sale by processing your customer’s payment.

Note: If the unit type is not compatible with your scale or if your scale becomes disconnected for any reason, you’ll need to enter the weight manually. You cannot enter weight manually while a scale is connected to your device.


If you run into any issues with your Bluetooth or USB scale(s), most simple troubleshooting steps should resolve the problem. Learn more about troubleshooting your scales.

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