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Set Up Google Product Listings on Square

Google Listings allows you to share your item catalog across multiple Google surfaces including Google Search and Google Shopping. Potential customers can click on listings, which will route them to your Square Online website to learn more and buy the item. Before proceeding in the following set up, please be sure to review getting started with Google Product Listings.

Before you proceed, please make sure you meet the following requirements: 

  1. Do you have a Square Online store?

  2. Have you subscribed to Square for Retail Free or Plus subscription?

  3. Do you have a visible return policy in Square Online?

  4. Do you have visible contact info in Square Online?

Note: Google Listings is only available to sellers in the United States. We don’t have a specific timeline for when Google Listings will be available internationally.

Existing Google Merchant

  1. Visit the online Dashboardand click on Account & Settings.

  2. Click Online Channels.

  3. Under Google Shopping, click Get Started. 

  4. Before you proceed, please make sure you have reviewed the full requirements for Google Listings and Square's guide to getting started with Google Product Listings.

  5. Read the Google Merchant Center Terms of Service and agree at the end of the document, then click Next in the top right-hand corner.

  6. Google will then ask you to Authenticate your Google Merchant Center Account.

  7. Choose an account. Select the administrator account that is associated with your merchant account. 

  8. Allow Square to access your Google account.

  9. Google will then verify and link your merchant account to Square, insert a Google Shopping token on your website, and verify your domain ownership. 

  10. You’ll then be taken to the Online Channels Overview page. This will give you a summary of the inventory that you are syncing to Google Listings. It will also show the status of the Items that have successfully synced and the items that are still pending Google’s approval.

Note: Whenever you update your catalog, your items will automatically be synced to Google.

New Google Merchant

Follow the same steps 1-10 above. A Merchant Center account will be created for you, but you will need to access your new Google Merchant Center account to set up shipping and tax settings.

To set up shipping and tax settings:

  1. From the Account & Settings page of your online Square Dashboard, click Online Channels.

  2. From the Google Shopping channel, click Manage.

  3. On the Manage page, click Get Access. This lets you get access to your Google Merchant Center account.

  4. An authentication page will load. Authenticate to link your Google account to the new Merchant Center account. Click Allow and wait for the account to authenticate.

  5. Once your account has been activated, you will go back to the Account Details page. Under the section Your Google Center Merchant Account you will see your Account ID.

  6. Click on your Account ID.

  7. Log in to the Merchant Center. You can set up your shipping and tax settings from the Merchant Center.

Note: Whenever you update your catalog, your items will automatically be synced to Google.

Product Catalog Management Facts

  • Once you have completed the initial setup, all items in Square Online will be uploaded to Google automatically. If you make any changes, the changes will automatically get pushed to Google and the item will go back into pending.

  • Google will review the items and will either approve or reject them within 72 hours.

  • While Google is reviewing your products, the items will be in a pending state. You can filter items by state - pending, rejected, and approved.

  • View the full requirements for Google Listings to better understand the review process and policy for this feature.

Product Listing Enhancements

Once Google Product Listings have been enabled for your Square Online website, you’ll see an enhancement banner in the Channel Listings section of your online Square Dashboard. This banner lets you review recommendations to improve the way your product listings are displayed online. To get started with product listing enhancements:

  1. Visit the Items section of your online Square Dashboard and select Channel Listings.

  2. Click on a listing from the list provided, or click Review from the Enhance your listings banner at the top of the screen to review the recommendations for all product listings.

  3. From the Edit listing screen, you can view the attribute recommendations (highlighted in green) and click to apply them. You can also dismiss a recommendation by entering in a custom attribute value of your choice.

  4. Click Save if you’re updating a single listing or click Save and Continue if you’re reviewing multiple listings.

If you dismiss the Enhance your listings banner, you can still update attributes associated with your product listings by following the same steps above.


For support with your Google listings or Google Shopping account: 

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