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Get Started with Text Message Marketing

Send text message marketing through Square to effectively reach your customers. From last-minute announcements and sales to events and coupons, it’s the perfect way to grow your business.

Before your customers can receive text campaigns, they will need to consent to receiving SMS marketing text messages, which they can do through your Point of Sale after a transaction. 

Set Up Text Message Marketing

  1. Visit Customers > Marketing in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Create Campaign and select Text Message.

  3. Select Get Started and enter the business name.

  4. Select and save the details of the coupon that customers get when they opt in.

Note: Once you’ve completed onboarding, you can start collecting opt-ins at the end of any transactions on your point of sale. 

Create, send, and track email marketing campaigns in minutes. Learn more about Square Text Message and Email Marketing in the Seller Community.

Text to Sign Up

Customers can sign up by texting a unique phone number. This number is on your Square Dashboard and is sharable with current customers in-store or on social media. Customers can text “Sign up” and agree to receive text messages from you.

To view and share your Text Message marketing number:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Marketing > Settings page from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. View the unique SMS phone number under the Text to Sign-Up menu.

  3. Share this phone number in-store, on your social media channels, and or webpage.

Create a Text Message Campaign

  1. Visit Customers > Marketing in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Create Campaign and select Text Message.

  3. Select the blast or an automated campaign objective.

  4. Edit the message and set the details of the coupon you wish to send (a coupon is required for now).

  5. Review, and then for a blast campaign, select Send Now or Schedule to send the text later. For an automated campaign, click Activate Now.

Note: You can only send texts between 9am and 6pm local time for legal reasons and to ensure your customers aren’t disturbed outside of standard business hours.

Important Notes

Text campaigns are not location specific and all customers who have opted-in will be messaged simultaneously, regardless of their time zone.

You can now keep track of your subscribers on your Marketing home page, under the Text Message summary.

Learn more about text message marketing in our Square Text Message Marketing FAQ.

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