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KIOS and Square

Square integrates with KIOS so you can help your restaurant get affordable kiosks and grow your sales. KIOS loves their restaurants and does everything they can to help them grow their influence across their communities.


  • KIOS focuses on the best possible end-to-end experience, so all KIOS orders are fulfilled in the same way as your in-person POS orders. How it works:

    1. When a customer places an order on the kiosk. An optional receipt is delivered via SMS text.

    2. The order ticket with customer name or ticket number prints to your desired printer(s). The order appears in your Square-integrated KDS, if installed.

    3. Order appears in Square Order Manager and Transactions for fulfillment.

  • Reporting—depending on your system—can be automatically rolled into your existing setup.

  • KIOS has a mobile app for staff to remotely control the kiosk, so if you need to 86 items or make other changes, it's quick and easy from the kitchen.

To learn more, watch the following YouTube video:

Integrate with KIOS

To integrate KIOS with your Square account:

  1. Go to the KiOS page via Square App Marketplace.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Follow the prompts and allow permissions to integrate and access your Square account information.

Email for details.

Billing and Pricing

Each kiosk transaction is charged an additional 1.5% for processing, on top of your Square processing fee. Contact KIOS to see how you could generate more sales and revenue.


Payments processed with KIOS will automatically sync with your Square account in real-time. You’ll be able to locate your payment history in the Transactions section of your online Square Dashboard. Your fees will also appear in your Square Reports.

Learn how to view and download sales summaries and reports from your Square payment history online.

Manage Your KIOS Account

KIOS's features, services, and subscriptions are managed by KIOS directly. For additional help with the integration: