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Manage Photo Studio Orders

Check Your Order Status or Make Changes to an Order

You can view and manage your Photo Studio orders from your Square Online Overview page. Click the Photo Studio link to get started.


You’ll find all of your current and past orders here. Enter an order number in the search field or browse the list of orders to find what you need. Each order shows the order date, items ordered, date updated and status.

To start a new order, click the Place order button on the upper right to open the purchase page in a new window.

View and Download Your Photos


You can download your photos from the Photo Studio page. To do so:

  • Use the Download All button on a completed order.

  • Click on the order number to open the details and use the Ready for Download link.

  • Click on an image thumbnail to see a larger version and use the Download button.


You can also use the arrows here to view other images in the order.

Sell Instantly

Photo Studio in your Square Online Overview page allows you to quickly create a checkout link to share your photos and sell your items online. You don’t even need a website to start selling online. To sell a Photo Studio item instantly:

  1. Go to the Photo Studio in your Square Online Overview page.

  2. Find the item you want to sell and click the Sell this item button.

  3. Enter a Title and Amount

  4. Select the photo you want to feature.

  5. Click Create link

  6. Copy link and share online to start selling your item.

After a link has been created, use the View Link button to view and edit the item title, amount, image used as well as copy the Online checkout link or Embed code. The Edit this link in your Square dashboard button will bring you to the Square Online Checkout page within the Square dashboard.

How to Use 360 Spin Images

Unlike standard images, 360 spin files are made up of many individual photos and require hosting or a web browser to view. For these reasons, we don’t recommend that you download the file and upload it to your website. We also don’t recommend using the individual images since the hosting fee is included in the $29.95 price.

Instead, we offer the following options for using your 360 spin file:

  • If you’re a Square Online customer, you can easily add a 360 spin file to any item in your store. Check out our product Images guide.

  • If you’re not using Square Online to sell online, you can use embed code or a direct link to display your 360 spin file on your website. Square Online customers can also use the embed code to display the image on other pages. Read more about adding embed code to your website.

  • If you want to add the file to a Shopify product page, we suggest using the Magic Zoom Plus plug-in.

  • For other website builders, please refer to these tutorials from our partners at Sirv.

Copy the Link or Embed Code for a 360 Spin File

To get the link or code for a 360 file, locate the completed order and click it to expand the details. Use the link to open an interactive preview of the spin file, then click the embed code or the link button and select and copy the text to use on your website.


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