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Order Management with Square Online

When working with orders from your online store, you can change the status for the entire order or for individual items within the order. The actions you can take vary by item type and order status.

To manage individual orders, go to the Orders page on your dashboard and click on the order you want to edit.

Tip: You can filter orders by status using the dropdown menu, or use the search option to locate a specific order.


The available actions are shown on buttons at the top right of the order details page. In this example, the items are physical goods and the order status is still pending, so you can print a shipping label, mark items as shipped, mark items as canceled and optionally refund all or part of the purchase.

Below the order details, you can see the billing and fulfillment information, as well as a list of all transactions completed for this order.

Mark Items as Shipped

To mark an order as shipped, open the order details page and click Mark As Shipped. If there are multiple items in the order and you are shipping only some of them, you can use the checkboxes or edit the quantity to reflect that. When you ship the remaining items, you’ll follow the same steps.


Next select a shipping carrier (“Add New” will be shown if you haven’t added one yet) and optionally enter a tracking number. Click Mark as Shipped in the upper right when done.

The customer will receive an email once you’ve completed this process, though you can use the toggle to turn this off if you wish.

Mark Non-Physical Items as Complete

To change the status of orders with non-physical items to Complete, open the order details and click Mark as Completed. If there are multiple items in the order and not all are completed, you can choose which ones to specifically mark as complete.


Cancel or Refund Items

To cancel items, click Cancel Items. By default, all items are selected to be cancelled, but you can edit the quantity or uncheck items if you’re only canceling some of them.


You can choose to refund some or all of the purchase price and notify the customer by email.


To refund an order without canceling, click Cancel Items on the order details page.

Set quantities to 0 for any items you’re not canceling, or change the quantity as appropriate. Enter the amount you would like to refund to the customer. The total dollar amount to be refunded is shown at the bottom. Once the correct quantities and amounts are entered, click the Refund link on the upper right and confirm you want to continue.

By default, the customer will be notified by email once the refund is completed. You can turn this off before issuing the refund.

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