Shopping on Instagram & Square Online Store

Are you looking to extend your brand reach and increase online sales? Connect your item library to your Instagram account to make your posts shoppable and turn your followers into buyers.

Connecting to Instagram is easy and takes only a few steps, but there are some requirements that must be met first:


From your Online Store Dashboard, click Website then select Instagram. Click Set up to get started, taking note of the information in the “read me” pop up. Click the button to confirm and continue on to Facebook.


There are four short steps to this part of the process:

  1. Agree to the Terms & Conditions by clicking Next.
  2. Connect to a Facebook page. If you manage multiple pages, you can choose the one you want from the dropdown menu. Click Next after selecting your page.
  3. Install the Facebook pixel. This part of the process is done for you automatically, so click Next to move on.
  4. Import your items to create a catalog that will automatically sync with your item library. Click Finish to return to your dashboard.


The dashboard updates to show your connected Facebook account. If you need to disconnect your account for any reason, you can use the button here to do that. Click Connect to return to Facebook and continue the setup process.


You’ll be prompted to connect a Facebook Business Manager account. Use the menu to select the correct account (if you have more than one), then click Connect. You can return to the Catalog settings in Facebook from your dashboard via the Catalog Manager link.


Finally, click the Connect button under the last step to add your Instagram profile. Before you continue, make sure that your Instagram account is converted to Business and that you’ve reviewed the Shopping on Instagram Requirements.


Click the + button in the pop up to select your Instagram account, then click the Add Account button on the next screen to continue.


Click the toggle to enable connection. If your account isn’t already approved for Shopping on Instagram, you can use the Request Review link here to start the approval process. Reviews can take up to a few days or longer in some cases, but you will receive a notification in the Instagram app when your review is complete.

When your account is approved, you’ll be able to start tagging your posts with items from your online store. Check out these Instagram help guides to learn more about tagging items in the Instagram app.

Please note: The account review and approval process is handled entirely by Instagram. We do not have a way to expedite a review or obtain any details on the status or results of a review.

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