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Print a Shipping Label with Square Online

You can print shipping labels for any items you have set up for shipping in Square Online through our integration with Shippo. Save money by creating and printing shipping labels directly from your Square Online Overview page, either for individual orders or in bulk, to save time.

Note: Depending on which carrier you choose, you may need to log in to a Shippo account with a credit card on file, or create a new Shippo account if you don’t already have one. You can complete this one-time setup process the first time you create a label from your Square Online Overview page.

Print a Label

To print a shipping label for a Square Online shipping order:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Orders.

  2. Choose an order that will be shipped and select Create Shipping Label.

  3. Choose your carrier and fill out all relevant order details.

  4. Select Purchase.

Select Packaging

While printing a label, use the dropdown menu to choose a package size and adjust the package weight if necessary. To insure the items, enter a dollar amount in the corresponding field. This is the amount your packages will be insured for in addition to any base insurance provided by your chosen carrier.

Note: You can only choose one type of packaging, so if you’re printing multiple labels, be sure to choose only orders that will fit into the same package size. For example, if you have five pending orders, and three of them are pairs of shoes but two of them are bracelets, you’ll want to print the labels for the shoes and bracelets in separate groups.

Purchase and Print

When you complete the order and pay for your labels, the card on file in your Shippo account will be charged. When finished, you’ll see the order statuses updated to Shipped.

Refund a Label

To refund a shipping label for a Square Online shipping order:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Orders.

  2. Select an order that you'll refund the shipping label for.

  3. Under Shipping Labels, select Edit to start refunding your label.

Note: You can only refund labels from the Overview page that were created through our Shippo integration. To process refunds for labels through UPS or FedEx, be sure to reach out to them directly to request a refund.

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