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Give and Get Local Directory: How It Works

For Businesses

How do I get my business on the eGift Card Directory?

Currently, only businesses that have a Square account and offer eGift Cards through Square have been automatically included in the Give and Get Local Directory.

If you have a Square account but have not started selling Square eGift Cards yet, visit the eGift Cards tab in your online Square Dashboard to set up your eGift Card order page and upload an eGift Card design. Once you set up your eGift Cards order page, toggle on Sell eGift Cards online and Show a link to my eGift Cards in public directories. After you toggle these on, your business should appear in the Give and Get Local automatically.Be sure to check your business name and location by visiting Account & Settings from your online Square Dashboard.

If you are already set up to sell Square eGift Cards online but you do not see your business listed in the directory and would like to be included in the search results, please visit the eGift Cards section of your online Square Dashboard and toggle on Show a link to my eGift Cards in public directories. Once you toggle this on, your business should appear in the Give and Get Local Directory instantly.

If you’re not a Square customer, click here to see options on how to get started with Square.

Learn more about Square Gift Cards in our Support Center.

How do I opt out of Give and Get Local?

If your business appears in search results in the Give and Get Local Directory and you do not wish to be, you can opt out by visiting the eGift Cards section of your online Square Dashboard and toggling off Show a link to my eGift Cards in public directories. Once this is toggled off, mention of your business will be removed from all directories, including those that belong to our partners, but you will still be able to promote your business and sell eGift Cards online through your personal eGift Card site using your custom URL.

For Customers

What is an eGift Card?

An eGift Card works the same way as a plastic gift card. On a businesses’ order page, you choose the amount you want to put on the gift card, pay the amount in full, and instead of getting a plastic card, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase with a unique redemption code.

You can even choose to give the gift card to someone else via email, with a personal note attached.

Why eGift Cards?

eGift Cards make a perfect gift, for you or a friend. They’re easy to buy, easy to share, they don’t expire, and there are no plastic gift cards you need to keep track of.

eGift Cards also serve as a great alternative to shopping in person at a physical store location, as they can be used for purchases through a business’ Square Online website, or via a Square Partner (see a full list under Redeeming eGift Card below).

Using Give and Get Local to find local businesses

Give and Get Local makes it simple to search local businesses who are offering Square eGift Cards. Using the search bar at the top of the page, just type in your address or your zip code. You’ll then see a list of all the local businesses using Square who are offering eGift Cards.

You can narrow down your search by filtering by business type: food and drink, health and fitness, beauty and personal care, and more.

Note: You cannot search by local business name at this time.

Buying eGift Cards through Give and Get Local

When you see a local business you’d like to buy an eGift Card from, just click on the image in the page, and you’ll be taken to their unique eGift Card order site to make the purchase. After you purchase, you will receive an email containing your unique eGift card code.

Redeeming eGift Cards

Use your eGift Card’s redemption code to make purchases with the business using your gift card funds either in-store, directly with the merchant, via their Square Online website, or with select a Square Partners, including Magento.

If you plan to use your funds in-store, you can also choose to attach your phone number and/or email address to the redemption code to make looking up your eGift card easier for the cashier at the time of your purchase.