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Update to Square Online Store with Multiple Online Stores

Many businesses have moved to the new Square Online Store to take advantage of features for curbside pickup, local delivery, and contactless payment that make it easier to serve customers. The Online Store also has a robust new site editor that allows you to bring your site to life with colors, fonts, button styles, category pages, Instagram and more.

This article is for sellers with multiple online stores per account. If you only have a single online store, check out this FAQ article.

I have multiple sites and I’m ready to try the new Square Online Store.

How is the new Square Online Store experience different from the previous one?

  • More customization: Enjoy an increased variety of design options, multiple pages, layouts, color palettes, and more to help build your brand and make your online store stand out.
  • More features to simplify your workflow: Manage in-person and online orders from any channel, all in one place with the new Orders tab.
  • More ways to grow your business: Take advantage of powerful eCommerce tools like built-in SEO, lead-capture forms, and more to help your business grow.
  • Consolidate locations: Display all your locations for pickup orders on one convenient consolidated site.

Will I be able to transfer my custom domains to the new Square Online Store?

Yes. You are given the option of publishing your new Square Online Stores to the same custom domains that your previous sites were on.

How do I redirect my existing custom domain to my new online store?

If you wish to connect your existing custom domains from your old online stores you can do so with our Personal Plan. If your previous online store is connected to a custom domain prior to trying the new Square Online Store, the Personal Plan fee will be waived for a year starting at the date you publish your new site. After the first year, the Personal Plan will cost $6 per month per site.

If your previous online stores are connected to a custom domain, like, you’ll need to update the DNS settings for each custom domain to point to your new store. Please follow these instructions to update the settings for each custom domain. Your new online stores will not be live until you redirect your custom domains.

If I publish my new online store, what happens to my existing domain?

If your previous online store is published to a address, it will change to a new address ending with, like Don’t worry, once you publish your new online stores, any visitors will be automatically redirected to your new stores.

If I make edits to my new online stores, will it update my previous online stores?

No. Once you click “Try the new online store” we will sync over all of your existing content and items from each of your sites. If you need to make edits, do so in the new editor.

How can I view my online store orders?

Navigate to the Square Dashboard and click the Orders tab. Once you switch to the new Square Online Store, you’ll have access to the new Orders tab where you can view all active orders from your previous online stores and completed and active orders from your new online stores. Your entire history of completed orders from your previous online stores can be seen in the Transactions tab in the Square Dashboard.

How is the new Orders tab different?

The Orders tab has a new and improved layout with filtering by order status, fulfillment type, and order source. You’ll also be able to view all online orders from third-party partners, such as Postmates and Caviar.

Each order has relevant fulfillment details in the master view:

  • Recipient name (or courier if you’ve integrated a delivery service)
  • Fulfillment type (Delivery, Digital, Pickup, and Shipment)
  • Date
  • Order number (if provided)
  • Display status (New, In Progress, Ready, Completed)

The new Orders tab and the new Square Online Store allow you to cancel part of an order or an entire order. You can also choose to cancel an order with or without refunding your customer.

Is Square Online Store still free of monthly subscription fees?

Yes! With our free plan, there are no monthly fees. You can sell unlimited products online and fulfill your orders via in-store pickup, shipping, or electronically on your beautifully designed store, all without a subscription fee. You pay only the transaction fee on orders you process.

Why are my discounts not working for my new Square Online Store?

Discounts created through your Square Item Catalog cannot be redeemed with the new version of your Square Online Store. In the meantime, you can use the new Square Online Store’s coupon tool to offer powerful discounts based on new rules, like orders over a specific amount receiving free shipping. Learn more about offering coupons in Square Online Store.

How do I remove “Create a free online store” from the footer of my new Square Online Store?

To remove the Square branding from the footer of your new Square Online Store you can upgrade to one of our paid plans. You also have the option of changing the color of this footer to white.

I just moved my multiple sites to the new Square Online Store.

How do I switch among my multiple sites?

In the new Square Online Store’s dashboard there’s a site switcher in the upper left-hand corner of the webpage that displays the name of the site that you’re currently viewing. Click on the site switcher to view and select any of your sites to manage. Once expanded, the site switcher also displays which plan each of your sites is on.

Can I delete my sites or add new sites after I move my existing sites to the new Square Online Store?

Adding or deleting sites is not yet supported. We’re working hard to support these features soon. Until then, if you no longer wish to use one of your sites, simply unpublish it and your site will no longer be live. To unpublish a site, go to Website > General Settings > Unpublish.

Why are Settings shown separately in the left-hand navigation in the Square Online Store dashboard?

In Square Online Store, the Settings section applies to all of your sites. For example, Coupons are shown in the Settings section because coupons you create can be redeemed by your customers on any of your sites.

How do I control which items are visible on each of my sites?

With the new Square Online Store, you assign items from your Item library to each of your sites. Think of each of your sites as a virtual storefront. You choose which items from your Item library to display on each site, and only items that have been assigned to your site will be displayed on your published website.

Once an item is assigned to a site, you can further control that item’s visibility by clicking on the item and then toggling among Visible, Hidden, or Unavailable. Visible means your item is ready to sell online and will show up in navigation & search results. Hidden means your item is available for purchase, but only to those who have the link (useful for exclusive items). Unavailable means that the item cannot be purchased (ideal if you are not ready to sell this item). Visibility settings apply to the item on every site that it has been assigned to. For example, if you mark an item Hidden, it will be Hidden on each of your sites where the item is being sold.

To add an item to a site, navigate to Items > Site items. Click “Add from item library” and select the items you want to put on your site. To remove an item from a site, navigate to Items > Site items and select the item(s) you want to remove, then click “Remove from site”.

What is the Shop page?

The Shop page lets you display all visible items on your site. You have two layout options: Shop All for retail items and Order Online for menu items. Create categories and assign items to your categories to create the best shopping experience for your customers.

Can I enable Gift Cards on one site but not the other?

No, Gift Cards are shared by each of your sites. If you check the box labeled “Add link to gift card purchase page to site navigation,” all of your sites will include a link to the Gift Cards purchase page.

Why are Item Reviews only visible on some of my sites?

Item Reviews are a paid feature available for sites on Performance and Premium plans. You can enable Item Reviews for any site that you’ve upgraded to either the Performance or Premium plan. Customers who visit your site that’s enabled for Item Reviews will be able to view all reviews left by other customers, irrespective of the site on which the item was originally purchased. The new Square Online Store dashboard displays item reviews from all sites on one streamlined page.

Can I configure my Store Emails to reflect the branding of each of my sites?

Yes, you can create a different Sender Profile for each of your sites. You can specify the email address from which Store Emails are sent, the Sender Name, Business Address, Logo, and more so customers can recognize emails sent on behalf of your sites. Receipts emailed to customers for sales made via your new Square Online Stores are customized in the Store Email tab of your new Square Online Store dashboard. Receipts emailed to customers for sales made at your in-person locations will continue to be customized in your main Square Dashboard under Accounts & Settings > Business > Receipts.

Why are the transaction fees different for some of my sites?

All of your sites automatically use Square to seamlessly process payments online. With the new Square Online Store, you can also upgrade sites to the Premium plan to enjoy a discounted processing rate. Any of your sites that remain on the Free, Professional, or Performance plans will continue processing payments at the standard rate. Reach out to us if you need help understanding if the Premium plan is right for you.

What carried over from my old online store to the new one?

We’ve migrated all of your important business information such as store policies and hours, but you will need to set up new tax and shipping information. Sites on our Performance and Premium plans have access to powerful integrated shipping features like unlimited shipping labels, label discounts, and real-time shipping fees based on item weights, dimensions, and shipping destination.

How do I set up taxes for my sites?

Taxes are configured under Settings > Taxes. Tax rates that you create are applied to all of your sites. Learn more about taxes and Square Online Store.

Can I continue to use ShipStation to purchase shipping labels?

ShipStation is no longer supported with the new Square Online Store. However, the new Square Online Store has robust new shipping functionality. Enjoy integrated shipping label creation directly within the dashboard for a simpler workflow at no additional cost. There are no limits to the number of labels you can print.

With the new Square Online Store, you can also upgrade individual sites to the Performance or Premium plans to benefit from heavily discounted rates up to 55% off with our preferred shipping provider, UPS. Additionally, with the Premium plan, you can enable Real-time Shipping to dynamically charge customers for shipping based on item dimensions, weight, and shipping destination.

How can I configure my sites’ return policies?

With the new Square Online Store, all of your sites share a single return policy. You can configure it by going to Settings > Checkout > Store Policies.

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