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Getting Started with the Newly-Redesigned Square Permissions

With Square’s Team Management newly-redesigned permissions, you are able to create multiple levels of access across all access points (e.g. Square Point of Sale app vs. Square Dashboard). As each business is different, you can choose exactly what you would like each of your team members to be able to access.

What to expect with the new Permissions:

  • Remodeled layout: Permissions are now grouped together more logically, and are now nested by function, rather than alphabetically.

  • More granular permissions: With the redesign, you will have greater control over what your team can and cannot do, such as allowing them to view sales and tips, but not view how the full business is performing. You will also be able to specify how much control you’d like to give employees over things like item and customer management. Learn more about each permission.


Access Points

Access points are the different outlets from which you and your team members can access Square’s features. For example, team members who use a 4-digit passcode to access Point of Sale are using the Shared Point of Sale access point. To learn more about each access point, refer to the definitions below.

Shared Point of Sale

Shared Point of Sale allows multiple team members to log into shared devices using a 4-digit passcode.

Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile Point of Sale allows team members to log into a point of sale on their own device and access anything they have permission to do (e.g. take a payment). This is helpful when your team needs to take payments on-the-go.


Dashboard access allows team members to have an account to access the Dashboard, but only access the actions they have permissions for.

Full Access

Full Access enables all permissions except managing transfers and bank accounts. Only the account owner can manage transfers and bank accounts. Learn more about full access permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the new permissions affect current permission assignment?

If you had “View Reports” and/or “Change Settings” enabled, all new granular permissions will be migrated as ON in the new permissions framework. Additionally, any enabled permission will be automatically turned ON for any enabled access point. For example, if a permission set has shared POS and Dashboard access, with “Issue Refunds” enabled, team members will always be able to issue refunds on either platform. In this example, the only way to block refund access on Dashboard would be to turn off Dashboard access completely.

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