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How To Make Federal Payroll Tax Payments

Review how to make federal payroll tax payments.

Federal Tax Payments

Here are instructions on how to make federal tax payments:

Pay Online

  1. Log into EFTPS using your EIN, PIN, and password

  2. Click Make a Tax Payment

  3. Under Select a Tax Form, choose the applicable payment type

    • If you are submitting a withholding tax payment, choose 941 Employers Federal Tax

    • If you are submitting an unemployment tax payment, choose 940 Employers Annual Unemployment Tax

  4. On the Tax Type Selection page, select the applicable payment type

    • If you are submitting a withholding tax payment, choose Federal Tax Deposit

    • If you are paying tax after receiving a notice, choose Balance due on return or notice

  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the Payment Amount, Tax Period, and Settlement Date to submit your tax payment

If you are not enrolled in EFTPS, begin the EFTPS enrollment process. You will only be able to use EFTPS after you receive your PIN in five to seven business days via mail. Call 800-555-4477 if you have any questions on how to set up your EFTPS account.

Pay by Financial Institution (Wire Bank Transfer)

If you are unable to set up EFTPS in time for a payment deadline, you can arrange an electronic same-day federal tax payment.

  1. Download the Same Day Payment Worksheet

  2. Complete each part of the worksheet and present it at your bank to complete the wire transfer

    • On line 1, enter your total tax payment, including any applicable penalty and interest

    • On line 2, enter your EIN (you can find this on the Settings tab of your Dashboard)

    • On line 3, enter the first four letters of your taxpayer name (the name that you used to register your EIN)

    • On line 4, enter your full taxpayer name

    • On line 5, enter the applicable tax type by following the legend on the form (a federal withholding tax deposit towards Form 941, for example, would have type of 94105)

    • On line 6, enter the tax year

    • On line 7, enter the tax month/quarter

    • On lines 8 to 10, enter a breakdown of the tax, interest, and penalty, if applicable

View your Federal Tax Payments using EFTPS

  1. Log into EFTPS using your EIN, PIN and password

  2. Under the Payments tab, click Check Payment History to view your payments

  3. Under transaction search at the top, select the time frame for the payments you want to view (max of 16 months)