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FAQ: Updating Your Square Online Store

Please note: Information in this article pertains to sellers who have only one online store on the previous version.

How is the new Square Online Store experience different from the previous one?

  • More customization: Enjoy an increased variety of design options, multiple pages, layouts, color palettes and more to help build your brand and make your online store stand out.
  • More features to simplify your workflow: Manage in-person and online orders from any channel all in one place with the new Orders tab (only works for one site – does not have functionality for multiple sites at this time).
  • More ways to grow your business: Take advantage of powerful eCommerce tools like Shopping on Instagram, built-in SEO, lead-capture form, and more to help your business grow.

Don’t worry, the new online store is still seamlessly integrated with Square POS so your in-store and online orders, items, and inventory stay automatically in sync.

If you have more questions about your new online store, feel free to contact our online store specialists and we’ll be happy to help

If I try the new experience, will I still be able to access my previous online store?

Yes. You can access both your new and old online stores through the “Online Store” tab of your Square dashboard. After you publish your new online store, your previous store will be unpublished and we will automatically redirect your customers to your new online store.

If I publish my new online store what happens to my existing domain?

If your previous online store is published to a address (like, it will change to a new address ending with (like Don’t worry, once you publish your new online store, any visitors will be automatically redirected to your new store.

If your previous online store is published to a custom domain, you can publish your new online store to your custom domain (see “How do I redirect my existing custom domain to my new online store” below).

How do I redirect my existing custom domain to my new online store?

If you wish to connect your existing custom domain from your old online store you can do so with our Personal Plan. If your previous online store is connected to a custom domain prior to trying the new Square Online Store, the Personal Plan fee will be waived for a year starting at the date you publish your new site. After the first year, the Personal plan will cost $6 per month.

If your previous online store is connected to a custom domain, like, you’ll need to update the DNS settings to point to your new store. Please follow these instructions to update the settings. Your new online store will not be live until you redirect your custom domain.

How can I view my online store orders?

Navigate to the Square Dashboard and click the Orders tab. Once you switch to the new Square Online Store, you’ll have access to the new Orders tab where you can view all active orders from your previous online store and completed and active orders from your new online store. Your entire history of completed orders from your previous online store can be seen in the Transactions tab in the Square Dashboard.

How is the new Orders tab different?

Orders has a new and improved layout with filtering by order status, fulfillment type, and order source. You’ll also be able to view all online orders from third-party partners, such as Postmates and Caviar.

Each order has relevant fulfillment details in the master view:

  • Recipient name (or courier if you’ve integrated a delivery service)
  • Fulfillment type (Delivery, Digital, Pickup, and Shipment)
  • Date
  • Order number (if provided)
  • Display status (New, In Progress, Ready, Completed)

The new Orders tab and the new Square Online Store allows you to cancel part of an order or an entire order. You can also choose to cancel an order with or without refunding your customer.

Is Square Online Store still free of monthly subscription fees?

Yes! With our free plan, there are no monthly fees. You can sell unlimited products online and fulfill your orders via in-store pickup, shipping, or electronically on your beautifully designed store, all without a subscription fee. You pay only the transaction fee on orders you process.

What happened to the customer login feature?

We replaced the customer login with Square Pay. This new feature lets your customers save payment information such as email, phone, address, and credit card number at checkout.

For future orders, customers will type in a secure code sent to their mobile phone via SMS to automatically populate their saved info when checking out on your new Square Online Store. This feature is already enabled so your customers can start taking advantage of it immediately. Please note that customers who had saved information on your previous online store will need to enter and save it again so that it works with your new online store.

Can I continue to use ShipStation to purchase shipping labels?

ShipStation is no longer supported with the new Square Online Store. However, the new Square Online Store has robust new shipping functionality such as:

  • Integrated shipping-label creation directly from the Square Online Store dashboard for a simpler workflow. (Available with the Performance plan)
  • Discounted rates up to 55% off with our preferred shipping provider, UPS. (Available with the Performance plan)
  • Real-time Shipping rates to dynamically charge customers for shipping based on item dimensions, weight, and shipping destination. (Available with the Premium plan)

Why are my discounts not working for my new Square Online Store?

Discounts created through your Square Item Library cannot be redeemed with the new version of your Square Online Store. In the meantime, you can use the new Square Online Store’s coupon tool to offer powerful discounts based on new rules like orders over a specific amount and free shipping. Learn more about offering coupons for Square Online Store.

To remove the Square branding from the footer of your new Square Online Store you can upgrade to one of our paid plans. You also have the option of changing the color of this footer to white.

What carried over from my old online store to the new one?

We’ve migrated all of your important business information such as store policies and hours, but you will need to set up new tax and shipping information. Sites on our Performance and Premium plans have access to powerful integrated shipping features like unlimited shipping labels, label discounts, and real-time shipping fees based on item weights, dimensions, and shipping destination.

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