Embroker and Square

As the leading digital business insurance brokerage and risk management platform, Embroker provides the technology that takes the pain out of insurance, offers expert guidance from the best brokers in the country, and partners with the nation’s leading carriers to help Square merchants reduce their cost of risk.

With Embroker you can consolidate every type of coverage, track and send proof of insurance, and streamline applications and renewals. Embroker gives you access to features such as:

  • Secure business insurance from top carriers.

  • Streamlined applications, renewals, and certificates of insurance.

  • Expertise from Embroker’s team of brokers.

Get Started With Embroker

Visit the App integrations tab of your online Square Dashboard, scroll down to the Insurance section to find Embroker, and click Get Started. You can also visit the Embroker website to activate your account.


There are no additional fees to use the Square extension on Embroker.

Manage Your Embroker Account

Embroker features and services are managed directly by Embroker. Visit their contact page to have your questions answered or to review their FAQ. You can also give them a call at 844-436-2765 or email them directly at success@embroker.com.