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Navigate the Square Team App

The Square Team app provides employees and contractors with quick access to their account. They can view timecards and pay stubs, update their payment method and personal settings, and clock them in/out all while being away from your computer.

In order to use the Square Team app, your employer will need to give your access to an online account.

Learn more about downloading the Square Team app.

Main Overview Screen

From the main screen, you can view your hours worked and earnings for the current pay period, clock in/out, and view your pay stubs and timecards.


Tap the Clock In, Take Break, or Clock Out buttons on Home screen of the Square Team app to track your time. Note: Your employer will need to enable this setting to allow you to track time from the app.

If you have been assigned different job types or locations, you can update these by tapping the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen. To ensure accurate timecards, you will need to allow the Square Team app to use your location while using the app. Learn more about enabling location services.


Manage your shifts by keeping an eye on your hours worked and breaks taken. Tap on a specific timecard to view the regular, overtime, and total hours worked that shift.


Track and manage your pay by tapping on a specific paystub to view the earnings, taxes, and deductions for the pay period.

To download or print your paystubs, you will need to log into your Square Payroll employee dashboard from a computer.

Additional Settings

Tap the three horizontal lines on the top navigation bar to view and edit:


To update your tax withholdings or personal information, tap your name at the top of the navigation bar. Changing tax withholding data will not impact pending direct deposits.


View any benefits you are currently enrolled in.


View a list of paycheck deposits and fees Note: Only applicable for use with flex paychecks and instant deposit.

Tax Forms

View the W-2 and/or 1099-MISC forms Square Payroll has filed on your behalf with the IRS. A physical form will also be mailed to the address we have on file in January.

To download or print your tax forms, you will need to log into your Square Payroll employee dashboard from a computer.

Bank Account

Update your direct deposit payment method from the Square Team app. If your employer has your account set up for direct deposit, you will have two options:

  • Cash App: If you opt to use the Cash app, you will receive your pay a day faster. We’ll ship you a free Visa debit card so you can spend your money anywhere. Learn more about the Cash Card.
  • External Bank Account: Enter in the account holder’s name, your routing number, and your account number. You can find your routing and account numbers on your bank’s website or at the bottom of your paper checks. View step-by-step instructions on adding your bank account.

Note: Edits to the direct deposit bank account bank account will not affect pending direct deposits or runs in progress.

Sign Out

Tap Sign Out to exit the app.

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