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Installments for Square Hardware FAQ

Find answers to common questions about installments for Square Hardware.

What is installments for Square hardware?

Installments for Square hardware is a flexible payment option that allows you to purchase the Square hardware you need for your business while paying for it in monthly installments.

Why choose installments for your Square hardware purchase?

Installments give you a flexible way to make sure that you get the hardware you need for your business while allowing you to pay in easy monthly installments. You can pick the option that works best for your budget and business.


Is my order eligible for monthly installments?

If your cart subtotal is $49 or more, you’ll see an option to pay in installments. Orders under $49 (before taxes) aren’t eligible. All applications are subject to approval.

Where can Installments for Square Hardware be used?

At this time, Installments for Square Hardware is not available in Alabama, Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire or Tennessee.

How do I apply?

Add hardware to your cart and select the installments option at checkout. Enter a few basic pieces of information to identify yourself and we’ll let you know if you’re approved instantly. If approved, review and confirm your payment details. Once you’re done, your hardware is on its way.

Does this affect my credit?

During the application process, we run a soft credit inquiry, which doesn’t affect your credit score. If your application is declined or if you decide not to pay in installments, there’s no impact to your credit score. If you accept the terms and complete your purchase using installments, we’ll provide a customary hard credit inquiry notification to the credit bureaus that may affect your credit.

Is there a purchase limit?

Approved Square sellers are eligible for purchases of up to $10,000.

Why was my application declined?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to approve every application. We’ll notify you immediately if your application is declined and give you the reason(s) why.

Who can apply for installments on behalf of my business?

An authorized user on your Square account, or an authorized person acting on your behalf, may apply.

Installment Payments and Billing

How do I repay?

Your monthly installment payments will be made automatically using the credit or debit card that you provide at the time of your purchase. If we are unable to complete payment(s) from your credit or debit card, we attempt to debit the bank account associated with your Square Account.

How long is the repayment period?

Depending on your order total, you’ll see repayment options at checkout for 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.

When will I start making installment payments?

Your first payment will occur 30 days after checkout. From there your charges occur each month until the balance of the order has been fully paid. If your state charges sales tax, it will be due at checkout.

How do I find my outstanding balance?

Square emails you each month after your payment is made. The email includes your outstanding balance as well as essential details about your monthly installments.

How do I change my payment method?

You can update your payment method right on the Orders page on the Square Shop. Just select the order you’d like to update and click Change Card on File.

Can I pay with a check, money order, or another mailed-in payment?

At this time, payments can only be made with credit or debit cards or the bank account associated with your Square Account.

Can I pay off my balance early?

Yes. You can pay in full at any time. Contact our Support Team and let us know you’d like to make a prepayment for your hardware. There is no cost to make a prepayment for your Square hardware.

What if I need more time to make my monthly installment payment?

If you aren’t able to make a payment on time, please make your payment as soon as possible. You won’t be charged any late fees, but late payments may make it harder for you to qualify in the future.

Will you send me billing reminders?

Yes. We’ll send an email reminder a few days before each payment is due.

What if my credit card is declined?

If your credit or debit card is declined, we will attempt to complete payment(s) by debiting the bank account associated with your Square Account.


If I return my hardware, how do I get a refund?

Refunds are available on returns made within 30 days of your order. Fill out a return form and we’ll email you a shipping label. Package your hardware and send it back. After we receive your return, you’ll be refunded all installment payments made to date.

What happens to my monthly payments if I make a partial return?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer partial returns on installment plans at this time.

My reader hasn’t arrived yet. Where is it?

Your Square hardware will arrive within 7-10 business days after checkout. You’ll get a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number for your order. We’ll also email you as soon as your order ships.

What if my hardware breaks?

Your Square hardware comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects for the entirety of your contract. If you’re having issues, try these troubleshooting tips or submit a claim to get a replacement.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to our Support Team.