Data Plans and SMS Policy

Learn about the data and SMS requirements for using the Square apps.

How Much Data Does Square Use?

Although a basic data plan should be enough to use Square on your mobile device, below is an example of Square’s data usage per transaction.

Data Use with General Square Actions

|Action|Approximate Data Usage|
|Signing in to Square Register| ~ 8 kb of data|
|Declined payments| ~ 4 kb of data|
|Completed payments|~ 10 kb of data|
|Issuing a refund|~ 4 kb of data|
|Resending a receipt|~ 4 kb of data|

If you’re using a device primarily for accepting payments with Square, it isn’t necessary to sign up for more than the basic data plan your carrier offers. Please keep in mind that any data usage outside of the Square app (ie. web browsing, email, apps) may require you to sign up for a larger data plan.

SMS Policy for Square Cash

If you link your phone number to Square Cash, you’ll receive a text message receipt after each successful transaction.

Carrier Costs

Message and data rates may apply. Check with your cellular provider regarding your plan’s SMS and data rates.

Opt out of SMS messages

Reply “STOP” to any SMS message you receive from Square Cash. You will receive no further messages from Square Cash moving forward.

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