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Data Usage FAQ

Learn about the data usage requirements when processing payments through Square apps.

How Much Data Does Square Use?

In most cases, Square will use less than 10kb when processing a transaction. If a customer provides a signature, no more than 50kb will be used for the transaction. Keep in mind that there may be other data usage on your device outside of Square that may bring it up to the limits set by your carrier.

Although a basic data plan should be enough to use Square on your mobile device, below is an example of Square’s data usage per transaction.

Data Use with General Square Actions

Action Approximate Data Usage
Signing in to Square Point of Sale  ~ 8 kb of data
Declined payments  ~ 4 kb of data
Completed payments ~ 10 kb of data
Issuing a refund ~ 4 kb of data
Resending a receipt ~ 4 kb of data

If you’re using a device primarily for accepting payments with Square, it isn’t necessary to sign up for more than the basic data plan your carrier offers. Please keep in mind that any data usage outside of the Square app (ie. web browsing, email, apps, or music streaming services) may require you to sign up for a larger data plan.

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