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Passcodes allow your employees to log into the Square app without an email address or password on any device paired to your business location. Once logged in, your staff can accept payments that will appear on their individual sales report.

If you have multiple employees logging into the Square app from a single device, you may want to upgrade your account to use Employee Management. With Employee Management enabled, you have a few options about how to enforce your Passcode Access from the Settings > Employee Management section of the Square app.

Under Require Employee Passcode, select:

  • Never: This setting leaves all areas and settings of the Square app open to all employees.
  • Only for Restricted Actions: This setting allows any user of the Square app to take payments without a passcode, but requires a passcode to be entered for those actions that are restricted in your Square Dashboard.
  • Always: This setting requires an employee passcode at all times. If you select this permission, you’ll need to choose if and when the app automatically times out.

Create a new Employee Point of Sale Passcode

  1. From the Employees section of your online Square Dashboard, click the name of the employee.
  2. Under Permissions, click Employee Permissions to issue an employee’s first passcode or Edit to reset a passcode > select an existing employee role with access to a shared point of sale.
  3. Enter or Generate a passcode for this employee > Save.

Note: Make sure to keep this passcode for your records and provide it to your employee. Each passcode is unique per employee – this is how they’ll access the Square app on any device that is paired to your business location via a device code.

Learn more about creating employee permission roles.

Sign In/Out with an Employee Point of Sale Passcode

  1. From the Square app, sign in by entering your passcode using the keypad.
  2. When successfully signed in, your initials will appear in the bottom-right on a tablet and at the bottom of the navigation menu on a smartphone.
  3. To sign out, tap on your initials.

When your employees are using passcodes, you can choose how long they can be inactive before being logged out. To do so, visit Employee Management in your Square app settings. Select a time-out option under Require Employee Passcode.

Disable Employee Point of Sale Passcodes in your Point of Sale App.

Once you have Employee Management enabled in your Point of Sale app, you have the ability to disable it at anytime.

  1. Tap the following icon in the navigation bar: Three Horizontal Lines or the down arrow at the top of the Square Register: Register Switcher
  2. Tap Settings > Employee Management
  3. Under Require Employee Passcode, select Never.

Enable Guest Point of Sale Access

With Guest Point of Sale Access, anyone can accept payments while logged into your account without needing a passcode. To set permissions for anyone accepting payments as a guest:

  1. Visit Employees > Permissions in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Under Guest Point of Sale Access, click Setup > select the permissions you’d like guests to have. If anyone accepting payments as a guest tries to access an area you haven’t selected, they’ll need a manager passcode to proceed.
  3. Click Save Settings.

Once you have Guest Point of Sale Access enabled, your account will automatically be in Guest Mode when you sign in. You’ll need to enter a passcode to enter restricted areas.

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