Prioritise Orders with Square KDS

Who is this article for?
This article is for restaurant owners and staff using Square KDS as their kitchen display with Square for Restaurants. Square KDS is included in Square for Restaurants Plus and Premium subscriptions.

Before you begin

Prioritising orders and grouping identical items can increase your staff’s efficiency to prep orders faster with the relevant order information available for each kitchen station.

Prioritise a ticket

You can prioritise tickets and move orders to the front of the queue. To prioritise an order:

  1. On an expeditor station, tap the ticket you want to prioritise.

  2. A cancel loader will appear. You will have three seconds to cancel the prioritisation and keep the ticket in its current queue position.

  3. Once the cancel loader times out, a confirmation message will display on the screen that the order has been sent to all related prep stations.

Note: You can only prioritise a ticket from the expeditor station. On the Completed view, the prioritised ticket will now have a Prioritised banner. The same header will read Make Now on tickets visible at other kitchen displays. Once a ticket shows the Make Now banner, you can mute the ticket by tapping it at any prep station.

Group identical items

To customise your item grouping settings:

  1. On Square KDS, select Devices > Kitchen Settings > Order settings.

  2. Toggle on Combine identical items. Items with the same details will then be automatically combined into one line item.

If you toggle on ‘Single item per ticket’, this setting overrides grouping items and automatically prints each item, ungrouped, on its own ticket.

Note: ‘Combine identical items’ is off by default for existing printer stations but will turn on by default for all new printer stations you create.

Next Steps

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