Adjust tips and settle payments

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This article is for team members or restaurant managers using Square for Restaurants with a Square for Restaurants Free, Plus or Premium subscription.

Before you begin

In your device settings, you have the option to select whether your customer signs for their payment on the point of sale or on a printed receipt. Payments with a signed receipt must have a tip amount recorded and be settled in the Square Restaurants POS.

Make sure you’ve configured your tipping and payment settings in the Square Dashboard before taking payments.

A few things to note when you’re closing bills and settling payments:

  • You can settle open bills manually, or they will settle automatically after 36 hours.

  • When you close a bill, you have 36 hours from the time of payment to adjust the tip amount and settle the bill; otherwise, the tip defaults to €0.

  • You cannot adjust tips after payments are settled.

You can view open bills and unsettled payments from Square Restaurants POS and Square Dashboard, but you can only close a bill and settle a payment from the Square Restaurants POS.

Settle payments with tips in Square Restaurants POS

  1. From the Square Restaurants POS app, tap Transactions > then tap the card icon.

  2. Select a payment and enter the tip amount. If you’re using Quick Tip, select from the tip options you’ve enabled. If you’re using Traditional Tip, manually enter the tip amount for each payment.

  3. Tap Add > Settle € Total.

You can also settle open bills by running your Close of Day report.

View unsettled payments in Square Dashboard

  1. Sign in to your Square Dashboard, click Reports > Sales Summary.

  2. In the filter bar, select whether you want to view Open Bills, Closed Bills or All Bills.

  3. If you select Open Bills or All Bills, you can view the sales figures for all unsettled payments.

The Open/Closed Bills filter option is available for most reports on Square Dashboard.

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