Split a payment and bill with Square for Restaurants

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This article is for team members or restaurant managers using Square for Restaurants with a Square for Restaurants Free, Plus or Premium subscription.

Before you begin

During service your team members may need to break up bills or payments among multiple guests or multiple payment types. There are two ways of doing this in Square Restaurants POS:

  • Split a bill

    • By item: When you split a bill, you can select items and move them to a new bill so guests can pay by item separately. This option is useful in scenarios where one guest leaves early and wants to pay for their meal before they go.

    • By seat: When you split a bill by seat, any items assigned to a single seat will each move to their own bill. This option is useful when you have seating enabled and each guest wants to pay for their individual order.

  • Split a payment

    • When you split a payment, you can only split by amounts (e.g. 2, 3, 4) and not by individual items from the bill. This option covers scenarios where you need to split a single bill into multiple payments, like when a large group of guests wants to pay separately.

You can split a bill with Square for Restaurants mobile POS, but splitting an item (e.g. a bottle of wine split multiple ways) is not available.

Split a bill

To split a bill into multiple bills in Square Restaurants POS:

  1. select the bill to split.

  2. Tap Actions > Split.

  3. Choose the item(s) you’d like to move to another bill(s).

  4. Tap Create New Bill.

  5. Select Save All to confirm.

Split a payment

To split a single bill into multiple payments in Square Restaurants POS:

  1. select the bill you’d like to split and tap Pay.

  2. Tap Split Amount.

  3. Under Split into Equal Payments, select how many ways you’d like to split this payment.

  4. Select a tender type and complete the transaction.

  5. Continue processing the additional tender types until the entire sale has been completed.

When you split a payment, make sure all payments are successful. If one payment fails, the entire transaction is voided and no funds are collected.

Split by seat (or item)

  1. Open the bill to split.

  2. Tap Actions > Split.

  3. Choose Split by seat.

  4. This will automatically create new bills for each seat that contains items in the bill. For any items assigned to the table or that you’d like to further move, you can further move items between split bills. 

  5. Once the items are moved to their new Bills, tap Save. 

Note: When a bill is split by seat, then any discounts, coupons, or service charges applied to specific items or configured to be item specific will be moved alongside the item they are associated with. If there are any cart level service charges, discounts, or promotions, then those would remain on the original bill and can be moved manually.

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