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Cross Location Orders with Square for Retail


With Square for Retail, you have the option to fulfil orders with items across all locations – meaning if you’re out of stock for an item at one location, you can easily fulfil it from another location to avoid losing out on a sale. While fulfilling the order for delivery or collection, you’ll have full visibility into the inventory at your other locations to determine if you can fulfil the order successfully. Once created, the order will route to the selected location for fulfilment and you can track the progress through the Orders section of your online Square Dashboard or Square for Retail app.

Note: Cross location orders are only available with a Square for Retail Plus subscription.

Getting Started

To get started with cross-location orders:

  1. Select an item to Add to Basket

  2. On the item details screen, select Colelction or Delivery as the fulfilment method.

    1. If you select Collection, you can add a new or existing customer to the order or directly enter collection information in the Details fields. 

    2. If you select Delivery, you can add a new or existing customer to the order, or directly enter delivery information in the Delivery address fields. 

  3. To process a cross-location order, you can either:

    1. Select a specific item, and navigate to the item detail screen for it. Scroll down to the Location dropdown at the bottom of the fulfilment Details screens, and tap to select a new location. 

    2. Tap the three dots at the top right of the basket, then tap Change Fulfilment Location. Tap the existing location dropdown to select a new location. 

  4. You’ll be able to see inventory availability for the item(s) in your basket per location and filter by Distance, In stock, and Name

  5. Once the new location fulfilment location has been chosen, tap Save to complete your changes. The new fulfilment location will now be reflected at the top of your basket.

  6. Tap Charge to complete the order.

Once the order has been fulfilled at the appropriate location, the stock levels at the location where the item(s) were fulfilled will update accordingly. The location where the order was created will receive the sale (e.g. the funds processed will be included in that location’s next transfer) for the order and the order details can be viewed in the sales reporting associated with said location.

Note: At this time, an entire order must be fulfilled from a single location with a single fulfilment type. The ability to split fulfilment across multiple locations isn’t currently available.


My customer isn’t able to pay for their order when it’s placed. Can they pay later?

At this time, the ability to provide payment for an order at a later date is not available for single location and cross location orders. Customers must pay for their items up front in order to successfully complete the order and either fulfil it at the location they’ve ordered from or send it to another location for fulfilment.

I use a courier service to deliver some of my orders. Am I able to use this fulfilment method for cross location orders?

The only accepted fulfilment methods for cross location orders are click and collect and delivery. Delivery through a third-party courier service is not available at this time.

The items that my customer would like to order are split up across several different locations. Can I split the order across more than one location?

Split fulfilment is not currently available with cross location orders or single location orders. While this feature may be available in the future, you must fulfil your customer’s items from one single location at this time. As a workaround, you can process separate orders for your customer if the items are stocked across multiple locations.

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