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​​Accept Payments with Clearpay on Square Online FAQ

Clearpay is a buy now, pay later service that allows customers to pay for online orders in four interest-free payments over six weeks. You get the full amount—up front.

Clearpay requires no additional integration with your Square Online site. You’ll be automatically enabled to use Clearpay so you can boost online sales, increase average cart size, and attract new customers. Learn more about how Clearpay works on their website.

You can also learn more about accepting payments on Square Online for more information on all of your online payment options. For information on Clearpay fees, eligibility, and enabling it on your site, take a look at accepting payments with Clearpay on Square Online.

Clearpay and Square Online

How does Clearpay work with Square Online?

With Clearpay enabled for your website, your customers can order online and check out as usual. When they get to your checkout page, they can select the Clearpay option and sign in to their Clearpay account to complete and pay for their order. The first payment is due at checkout, and the final three payments are due every two weeks starting from the purchase date. All instalment payments are interest-free.

For example, if a total order costs £100, the buyer will pay the first £25 upon completion of the transaction. Then, they’ll pay £25 every two weeks from the transaction date until the order total is paid off. This means the buyer will complete their payments six weeks from the transaction date.

What are the benefits of using Clearpay?

There are many buy now, pay later providers on the market, but what sets Clearpay apart is their one transparent solution to shoppers with no interest, no hidden fees and no catch. Clearpay already comes integrated with Square eCommerce products, so you can start accepting payments in minutes.

Do I need to sign a separate contract to use Clearpay?

No, there isn’t a separate contract to sign. You can disable Clearpay at any time. If you choose to use Clearpay, you must agree to the Clearpay Merchant Terms.

What are the risks of using Clearpay?

The platform is set up so Clearpay takes on the risk of fraud for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Will my business be highlighted in the Clearpay Shop?

Square Online websites won’t initially be listed in the Clearpay Shop, but we’re working on allowing select sellers to easily list their storefront and products on the Clearpay app in the future.

Are there any marketing resources I can use to advertise that I accept Clearpay?

Yes, Clearpay offers several marketing resources on their website for you to use and get started.

Square Online Payments, Orders, and Items

How do I get paid for orders paid with Clearpay?

You’ll get paid the full amount at the time of purchase, minus the transaction fee on the total order. There are no processing fees charged on the remaining instalments, and no other monthly fees or activation costs.

How do I manage refunds for orders paid with Clearpay?

Orders can be refunded from the Order Manager or Square Online Overview page in your Square Dashboard, as well as the Order Manager in your Square POS, just like any other order. Your customers will receive an email from Clearpay confirming the details of the refund. Learn more about Clearpay refunds in their support centre.

Note: A refund can only be processed for an Clearpay payment taken within 120 days.

What is an eligible purchase range?

Eligible purchase range refers to the prices for which Clearpay is available to buyers on your Square Online site. There’s an eligible purchase range for order totals and one for individual items. The default ranges in your account are based on what type of business you have.

Can I adjust the eligible purchase range for Clearpay on Square Online?

Yes. To adjust the eligible purchase range for Clearpay payments through Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Settings > Checkout or Shared Settings > Checkout.
  2. Under Clearpay, select Edit to adjust the eligible purchase range.
  3. Set a minimum and maximum price for both order totals and individual items. Note: The maximum can’t exceed £1,000.
  4. Select Save when finished.

What happens if my customer’s order total is outside of the eligible purchase range?

When the order or item total is outside of the eligible purchase range, Clearpay won’t be shown as a payment option to buyers on your Square Online site.

Can I make Clearpay available only for certain items?

Not at this time. However, we look forward to introducing more control of Clearpay availability in the future.

What if my customer is late on their payments? Does that affect me?

All remaining payments are handled entirely by Clearpay, so if your customer is late or misses a payment, it has no effect on you. If your customer asks, you can direct them to contact Clearpay for more information.

Clearpay and Square Online Disputes

How do I manage disputes and chargebacks with Clearpay?

One of the inherent risks of accepting Clearpay in-person payments through Square is receiving a payment dispute, also commonly known as a chargeback. It is important for your business to understand how the dispute process works at a high level and what parties are involved.
When your customer initiates a dispute when products are not received:

  1. The account holder on your Clearpay account will receive an email to submit an Information Request form for you to respond within 7 days to accept or challenge the dispute. Note: Funds from the disputed payment will be on hold during this process.
  2. If you’re challenging the dispute and submit the form, Square will collect the evidence you provide and send it to Clearpay.
  3. Clearpay decides whether the dispute has been won or lost.
    • If you have won the dispute, you will be notified and refunded from your Square balance.
    • If you have lost the dispute, you will be notified and the customer will be refunded.

This process may take up to 30 days to review. You can view the status of your dispute at any time from the Information requests section on your online Square Dashboard. You can also access the form via your Square Point of Sale app by tapping ≡ More > Settings > Information Requests.

Clearpay and Other Square Products

Can Clearpay be used to book Appointments on Square Online?

Accepting Clearpay for Square Appointments booked through Square Online sites isn’t possible at this time.

For in-person appointments, your customers can check out from your point of sale using their Clearpay Card via Apple Pay or Google Pay. Learn more about accepting in-person payments with Clearpay and Square.

Can Clearpay be used to purchase Gift Cards on Square Online?

Currently, customers cannot purchase Square Gift Cards using Clearpay on Square Online. In the meantime, your customers can apply a gift card via your Square Online site before checking out with Clearpay to pay for the remaining balance.

Can Clearpay be used with Square Loyalty?

Yes. If your customer joined your Square Loyalty program, they’ll receive the corresponding Loyalty points for their entire Square Online transaction. Loyalty rewards, gift cards, and coupons can all be used with Clearpay as long as the remaining cart balance is still within the eligible purchase range.

Clearpay Buyer Experience

How does Clearpay work?

As a buyer, you’ll add items to your basket as usual. Once you opt to check out, you can select the Clearpay option to pay for your order in four instalments. Learn more about how Clearpay works on their website.

How do I know if I can use Clearpay?

Learn more about who can use Clearpay in their support centre.

How will my refund request be processed?

When you request a refund from a Square seller, they’ll process the refund on their end and the amount returned to you will come from Clearpay. Questions regarding your refund, outside of requesting it, should be directed at Clearpay. You can also learn more about Clearpay refunds in their support centre.

How can I get support for a purchase made using Clearpay?

For questions about a purchase made through Clearpay, contact Clearpay directly through their support centre or review their support articles. They’ll be able to assist you with your questions about your payment schedule, late fees, refunds and more.

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