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Customise Store Emails with Square Online

When customers make a purchase through your online store, they’ll automatically receive email notifications at the email address they entered during checkout. Other emails are sent out based on actions you take within your account.

These emails are:

Abandoned Basket: This is sent out when a customer adds an item to the basket but does not complete the purchase. You can adjust the settings for these emails separately.
Order Confirmation: Sent after a customer completes a purchase. This email contains details about the transaction. If the order includes digital items, a link to the download is included.
Items Dispatched: Sent when you mark an order as dispatched via the Orders section of your store dashboard.
Items Refunded: Sent when you refund order items via the Orders section of your dashboard.
Items Cancelled: Sent when you cancel order items via the Orders section of your dashboard.Item Reviews: If you have Customer Reviews enabled, this email is sent after a set period of time passes from when a customer makes a purchase.

You can add custom header and footer messages to these emails by going to Settings > Store Emails on your dashboard.


To edit an email template, click the ‘. . .’ button across from each email in the Email Previews section.


On the edit email screen, click on Add Footer Message or Add Header Message. A popup will open where you can enter your own text that customers will see at the top or bottom of the email notification. Use these to add a personal touch to the notification emails or include additional information about your store.

Click Save when you’re finished adding text, then click the Send Test Email button to have a sample email delivered to the address on file for your account. You can also send a test for any email from the main Store Emails page.