Set Up Google Business Profile with Square

With Google Business Profile, the details of your brick-and-mortar store or Square Online site will be displayed in Google Search and Google Maps results. Google Business Profile also synchronizes with:

By syncing your Google Business Profile to Square, you can seamlessly manage your Google presence directly from your online Square Dashboard. You can also:

  • form your business identity on Google

  • connect with customers

  • post updates

  • list your products and services, and

  • accept online orders

Note: Online-only businesses that sell virtually with Square Online or other online marketplaces are not eligible to sync their virtual locations to Google. Google requires a physical location to create a Google Business Profile.

Sync Your Business Locations to Google

There are two ways to sync your Google Business Profile to your Square account.

From your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Go to Account & Settings > Business information > Locations.

  2. You’ll see a banner with the Google Business Profile at the top of the Locations page. Select Get Started.

  3. Select Sign in with Google.

  4. Select your Google business account in the new pop-up.

  5. Review the requirements, then select Allow.

  6. Select the category that best fits your business, and select Continue.

  7. Fill out the fields that request basic information about your business.

  8. Select Publish.

You can also add your business to Google via the Online sales channel section of your online Square Dashboard.

Once you’ve successfully added your Google Business Profile to Square, it should now appear under Locations as Synced.

Manage and Edit Synced Locations

To manage or edit details for your synced business locations:

  1. Go to Account & Settings from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Business information > Locations.

  3. On the Location details page, you can make edits (such as your business description or business hours) that will sync directly with Google.

Verify Google location information

When syncing your location with Google through Square, you will need to verify your location with Google.

  1. Google sends us the phone number/email to which the PIN should be sent.

  2. Select between the option(s) displayed to receive the PIN.

Learn how to verify your business on Google via Google Help Centre.

Additionally, we may detect updated information from Google including the address, business name and/or phone number. You will need to ensure your location information is correct, as it will overwrite your Google location data.

Note: If you sync your Google Business Profile with Square but don’t verify the location, your location data will not show up on Google. You can verify the location data at any time via the Locations section on your online Square Dashboard.

Setup Troubleshooting

Error Solution
This location is already claimed If you attempt to sync an already claimed location, click the Request access link to reclaim the location.
This location is already linked If you’ve attempted to sync a location already owned by your Google account, you need to confirm that you’d like to update the listing.
Multiple matching locations If your linked Google account has multiple locations with the same address, you’ll need to select which business matches your Square locations.
Google Reviews not working Your synced Google account must have Google Business Profile enabled in order for Google Reviews to work.

Verification Troubleshooting

Square and Google integrations may be limited if your Google Business Profile is not verified. For other troubleshooting steps:

Error Solution
No supported verification methods If no verification methods show up on the Square Dashboard, you’ll need to verify your location through Google directly.
Location already verified (by someone else) If your location has already been verified by someone else, you can request ownership from them.
There was a problem accessing Google’s location data. Please try again. If receiving this error repeatedly, you’ll need to verify your location through Google directly.

Disconnect Your Business Locations from Google

  1. Go to Account & Settings on your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Business information > Locations.

  3. Select the location you want to disconnect.

  4. Click Disconnect.

Your business information will stop syncing with Google. Your location will remain visible on Google and can still be managed separately from your Google Business Profile.

Grow Your Business with Square and Google

Once you sync your Google Business Profile and Square, learn how to grow your business with the following features:

Note: Google Listings allows you to share your item catalogue across multiple Google surfaces, including Google Search and Google Shopping. To use Google Listings, you must have a Square Online website and be subscribed to Square for Retail Free or Plus.

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