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Add RSS Feeds to Square Online

If you have an existing blog on another website you want to add to your Square Online site, you can use the RSS feed section to make blog posts appear in Square Online without recreating them. An RSS feed is a special type of link that’s used to send content (like blog posts) to be displayed in a web browser or feed reader app.

Find Your RSS Feed Link

The actual link to your RSS feed will vary depending on where your blog is hosted. If you’re not sure how to obtain your RSS feed link, it’s best to reach out to your blog host for assistance.

Add an RSS Feed Section to Your Site


To add an RSS feed section to your Square Online site:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, open the page you want to add your RSS feed to.

  2. Select + > Section and choose RSS feed.

  3. In the editing panel, select Connect feed and paste your RSS feed link into the text field. Select Save.

  4. Complete your edits and Publish your site to see the changes live.

Create a Blog with Square Online

If you’d like to keep everything in one place, you can recreate your blog directly in the Square Online site editor. Learn more about creating a Square Online blog for details on getting started.

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