Accept Payments From Your Computer with Square Appointments

With Square Appointments you can streamline your checkout process by accepting payments from your computer. Take payments in person or over the phone based on your customer’s preference.

Square Appointments allows you to manually key in a credit or debit card or charge a card on file so you can take payments right from your computer.

Set up payment processing and start accepting payments in minutes. This will help you keep all your bookings, payments and reporting in one place.

Set Up Online Payments

To take payments from your computer using Square Appointments:

  1. Navigate to Calendar from your Square Appointments dashboard.

  2. Select the appointment you wish to charge and open the appointment details.

  3. Click Take Payment.

  4. Under Payment Method, select Manually enter card, Gift Card, or Record cash, cheque or other payment and follow the prompts to complete the sale.

  5. Click Charge Card or Record Payment.

Note: If you make edits to an appointment before taking the online payment, make sure to click Save before going on to take the payment.

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