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Compare Square Register, Terminal and Stand

In addition to our suite of Square Readers, we offer three countertop point of sale solutions, Square Register, Square Terminal and Square Stand.

Here are some important things to know about our countertop options:

  • They’re not linked to any specific Square point of sale account or bank account.

  • They can be shared among multiple Square accounts or locations.

  • They don’t store specific account holder or buyer information. If your hardware is lost or stolen, you can rest assured that your account information is stored safely and securely on our servers.

Square Register

Square Register is an all-in-one product that is 100% built by Square and does not require a separate device, such as an iPad or tablet. Square Register is fully integrated – hardware and software built to work together.

  • Customer Display: Square Register has a built-in or detachable customer display to show your customers what’s being rung up in real time. Detaching the customer display minimizes contact to help protect you and your staff.

  • Network Options: Square Register can be connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi while the Square Stand using an iPad must be connected via Wi-Fi.

  • Faster checkout: Speed up your line with a larger seller screen, dedicated customer display with integrated payments and faster EMV transactions.

  • Improved Security: Software built specifically to run your point of sale keeps your device completely on the Square system and does not allow third-party apps or web access.

  • Use more peripherals: Square Register has additional USB ports on its USB hardware hub (five vs. three on Square Stand) plus support for Ethernet and USB keyboards.

Square Terminal

Square Terminal is an all-in-one standalone product that is 100% built by Square and does not require a separate device.

  • Point of Sale Options: Square Terminal runs Point of Sale, Square for Retail POS, Square for Restaurants mobile POS and Square Appointments so you can accept payments and print receipts from one compact device.

  • Complete Integration: You can set up a secondary customer display when you connect Square Terminal to a compatible iPad, tablet or phone for in-person payments, making payments easier than ever before. You can also connect Square Terminal with Virtual Terminal on your computer or laptop for in-person or remote payments.

  • Fast Processing Speed: Square Terminal can process contactless payments and chip and PIN cards in just two seconds to keep your line moving. Never miss a sale because of slow transactions.

  • Durable and Strong: Sell confidently knowing Square Terminal has ultra-durable construction, including Gorilla Glass.

  • Improved Security: Software built specifically to run your point of sale keeps your device completely on the Square system and does not allow third-party apps or web access.

  • Powerful Battery: Ditch the messy cords and sell all day with a battery designed to last from open to close.

  • Network Options: Square Terminal can be connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi with the purchase of Hub for Square Terminal, while compatible iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablet devices must be connected via Wi-Fi. Note: Square Terminal does not support Bluetooth accessories at this time.

Square Stand

Square Stand is an iPad point of sale with an intuitive, customer-driven checkout and integrated payments – no extra readers required.

  • Use your own device: If you have an existing compatible iPad, you can purchase the Square Stand (2nd generation) by itself. If you do not have a compatible iPad, you can purchase one with Square Stand.

  • Power Options: Plug Square Stand into a power outlet to accept payments while charging your iPad. If an outlet isn’t available, Square Stand (2nd generation, v2) features a new iPad Powered Mode which allows you to continue to process payments using the iPad’s battery as a power source and allows for more flexibility in your point of sale setup.

  • Customer Display: Square Stand swivels 180 degrees so that your iPad doubles as a customer display. An intuitive checkout mode lets your customer review a checkout summary before guiding them through payment, tipping and receipt selection.

  • Network Options: Square Stand must be connected via Wi-Fi or cellular signal via your iPad.

  • Faster checkout: Square Stand has built-in integrated payments, with an EMV chip reader and embedded contactless payments acceptance, so you can accept NFC contactless payments such as chip and PIN cards, contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Accessories: Square Stand comes with a USB hub so you can easily connect Square Stand hardware accessories like a cash drawer, printer or barcode scanner. You can also connect to Bluetooth printers and scanners using your iPad, as well as network (Ethernet) printers over your iPad’s Wi-Fi connection.

  • Third-party apps: As an iPad POS, it also lets you use your third-party apps on your iPad in addition to Square apps.

Available in Retail Stores

If you need Square hardware or selected third-party accessories right away, you can purchase from one of our retail partners.

Square Apps

  Square Register Square Terminal Square Stand
Square Point of Sale Yes Yes Yes
Square for Retail Yes No Yes
Square Appointments Yes No Yes
Square Online Yes Yes Yes
Square for Restaurants Free Yes Limited Availability Yes
Square for Restaurants Plus No Limited Availability Yes

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