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Now Book It and Square for Restaurants

Connect your Now Book It (NBI) and Square for Restaurants accounts so that customer details and tables reserved in Now Book It appear on your Square Restaurants POS app.

Before you begin

Before you begin, note the following term differences between Now Book It and Square:

  • When a booking shows as Seated in your Now Book It Diary, the table reservation on your Restaurants POS app includes the customer’s contact information provided at time of booking and their prepayment, if applicable.

  • Once a customer pays for the order on your Restaurants POS app, the booking entry in your Now Book It Diary updates from Seated to Finished

Syncing requirements

You need either a subscription to Square for Restaurants Plus (or a free 30-day trial of Square for Restaurants Plus) and an active Now Book It account to use the integration. If you currently use the Square for Restaurants Free plan or the Square Point of Sale app, you need to upgrade to Square for Restaurants Plus to integrate with Now Book It. Learn more about signing up for Square for Restaurants Plus.

When you upgrade to Square for Restaurants Plus, all of your existing account information is available with Square for Restaurants, including your items, customers, team members, and bank account information. If you upgrade from the Square POS app, you need to set up your menus and floor plan before syncing with Now Book It. 

If you need to create an NBI account, fill out your details on the Square for Restaurants referral form and an NBI sales team member will reach out. 

If you already have an NBI account and want to start using the integration, email the NBI team and they will connect your accounts. 

Create a booking

To create a booking in Now Book It: 

  1. Sign in to your Now Book It account

  2. Navigate to the search bar and look up a restaurant name.

  3. Select the restaurant name to create a booking.

  4. Select Open Restaurant and then select the plus icon (+).

  5. Specify the booking time and the number of people for the table reservation.

  6. Select Customer and enter your customer’s name and contact details.

  7. Select Save

You must take the following steps from your Now Book It account for the new booking to appear on your Square for Restaurants POS app.

  1. Sign in to your Now Book It account, select Diary, and select the booking status. 

  2. Set the booking status as Seated

The booking only appears in Square if you set the booking status as Seated in your Now Book It Diary.

Open the booking as a seated table in Restaurants POS

  1. Sign in to your Restaurants POS app. 

  2. Navigate to your floor plan. 

  3. Select the table linked to this reservation. Your Square for Restaurants floor plan uses color coding to indicate unopened bookings. 

  4. Select Guest and add menu items to the order. The Guest tab shows the number of people in the booking, Now Book It tags, booking notes, and if the customer made a prepayment or deposit at the time of booking.

  5. Tap Send to forward the order to the kitchen printer or Square KDS station. 

  6. Upon concluding the service, select Print Bill to generate an itemised bill. Present this to the customer and select Pay.

Account for your customer’s prepayment

You must manually discount prepayments from the Square Point of Sale for each booking with prepayment. Before you begin, we recommend you set up a custom discount on Square Dashboard. Learn how to create a custom discount.

If a customer prepays a deposit or full payment at the time of booking, the amount paid displays under the Guest details on the Restaurants POS app. You must set the table status as Seated in Now Book It for the prepayment notes to appear on the table reservation in your Restaurants POS.

To apply a discount to the table reservation: 

  1. On your Restaurants POS device, navigate to your floor plan. 

  2. Select the table that needs a discount applied. 

  3. Select Actions > Discounts and select the discount to apply to the bill. 

  4. Select Save. The discount is automatically included when your customer pays their bill. 

Accept Now Book It gift cards with Square

When your customer purchases items in-store using an NBI gift card, you can enter the full ID of the gift card through the Square POS app. Customers can redeem either the partial or total balance of the gift card or split payments between gift cards and cash when purchasing in-store. Transaction details are sent in real-time, and you can review gift card transaction details in the Now Book It gift card management portal.

You can accept Now Book It gift cards through your Square POS app, but you can only reload or refund gift cards through Now Book It gift card management portal. Learn more about Now Book It gift cards in the Now Book It Support Centre.


Should you encounter any difficulties while integrating Now Book It with Square for Restaurants, reach out to Now Book It Support. You can also find comprehensive guidance on how to configure your Now Book It account with Square for Restaurants in the support centre section of the NBI website.

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