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Square Loans Repayment FAQ

Repayment of your loan through Square is easy and convenient. We automatically apply a portion of your business’s daily Square sales for the purpose of loan repayment. You may also repay your loan early through the Loans tab of your online Square Dashboard.

Loan Repayment Overview

When does loan repayment begin?

Loan repayment begins on the Repayment Start Date specified in your loan agreement. A fixed percentage of your business’s daily card sales is automatically deducted and applied toward your loan balance until your loan is repaid in full.

How do I repay my loan?

A fixed percentage of your daily card sales (including taxes and any tips) is automatically deducted to pay back the loan. This means repayment matches your business’s cash flow – you pay more when business is strong and less if things slow down. The total amount owed (loan amount plus loan fee) never changes. You can find your repayment rate in the loan agreement, but here is an example for a $10,000 loan. The breakdown might be as follows:

  • Amount deposited in your bank account: $10,000
  • Total Borrowing Cost: $1,400
  • Total loan repayment due: $11,400
  • Percentage of daily card sales that go towards loan repayment: 14%
  • Minimum amount due every 60 days for 18 months: $633.33

Your entire loan balance must be repaid in full within 18 months of loan approval. If the loan hasn’t been repaid in full at the end of 18 months, the remaining loan balance will be due in full.

Repayment Overview

Numbers are for illustrative purposes only.

Can I pay off my loan early?

Your business is welcome to pay back its loan early at no additional cost. You can choose to fully repay your loan or pay a portion back early. If you’d like to pay a portion back early, you can specify the amount. The total cost of your loan does not change by making prepayments.

When you make a prepayment, Square may first apply any pending funds from your card sales and then debit any remaining balance from your linked bank account. We will only initiate a debit if the pending funds are not enough to cover the entire prepayment.

You can prepay your loan through your Square Dashboard:

  1. Visit the Loans tab of your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click on Make a Payment.
  3. Specify a partial payment amount you would like to make, or if you want to pay the current balance in full.
  4. Review and confirm your payment.

That’s it. And remember, there are never any additional fees for paying your loan back early.

Note: If you fully prepay your loan, your business’s loan eligibility will at that point be re-evaluated by Square. This evaluation will take up to four business days, during which time you will not have any loan offers visible in your Square Dashboard. If a loan offer appears in your Square Dashboard prior to paying off your loan, it may not be visible during the period your business is being re-evaluated.

If your business becomes eligible for another loan offer, you’ll be notified by email and see offer details in the Loans tab of your online Square Dashboard.

If you need additional assistance, contact Square Support.

What are other forms of acceptable payment?

You may make additional payments online from your linked bank account. Your payment will first be deducted from today’s sales and any remaining balance will be debited from your linked bank account.

Note: Making a payment will not disable your repayment rate. The repayment rate will continue to be applied until the loan is repaid in full.

Can I add a payer to my loan?

Yes, if you would like the repayment rate to be applied to one or more of your Square accounts for purposes of repaying your loan, please contact Square Support.

Read more about this in our article: Linking Multiple Square Accounts and Locations to Repay a Loan Through Square.

How can I repay my loan if my bank account is unlinked from my Square Dashboard?

Please re-link your bank account as soon as possible. If you wish to make a payment by phone or other means, contact our payments solutions team and schedule a time to speak with us before your minimum payment due date.

Why was the amount debited from my linked bank account different than my prepayment?

When you make a prepayment, we may first apply any pending funds from your card sales and then debit any remaining amount from your linked bank account.

Note: We will only initiate a debit if the pending funds are not enough to cover the entire prepayment.

Is the loan fee GST inclusive or exclusive?

The loan fee that is added on top of your Square Loan is GST exclusive.

Repayment Relief

What happens if I just make my minimum payment?

If you just make the minimum payment of 1/18th of your initial loan balance every 60 days, you will only pay down half your total loan balance in 18 months. You will owe the remaining balance upon the loan maturity date, which is the date your loan is due in full. At that point, we will debit your Square-linked bank account for your remaining balance.

Note: Loan maturity is 18 months from origination.

Take a look at Square Loans Fixed Payback Rate and Minimum Payment Requirement for more information.

What happens if my sales don’t cover my minimum payment?

If your daily sales cannot cover the minimum payment, Square will debit the remaining minimum payment from your Square-linked bank account.

If I have a minimum payment due, what happens if I make a payment on the same day?

If a payment is submitted the same day that you are debited for your minimum payment, the debited funds will be applied to the past due balance and the payment you initiated will be applied to your remaining loan balance.

Note: All payments are final and will not be refunded.

Can I change the repayment rate?

No, the percentage of daily card sales used to repay your loan remains fixed until you have fully repaid the loan. This helps your business stay on track to pay on time.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my minimum payments?

We can help! If you have any issues regarding your upcoming payment, please contact Square Support at least five business days before your minimum payment due date.

What happens if my loan matures but I still have an outstanding loan balance?

If you have an outstanding loan balance on the maturity date specified in your loan agreement, Square will initiate a debit from your Square-linked bank account for the remaining loan balance.

I sold/closed my business, what happens next?

When your business is sold before the loan is repaid, the outstanding loan obligation will still remain. Please contact Square Support as soon as possible so we can get a better understanding of your situation.

For more information, take a look at the Business Sold or Closed FAQ.

Credit Reference and Refinance

Does Square provide payoff statements?

Yes! Please contact Square Support if you would like us to send you a payoff statement. You may also sign in to your Square Dashboard to view your outstanding balance.

To find out how to view your outstanding balance and loan details, check out Navigating Your Square Loans Dashboard.

All loans are issued by Square AU Pty Ltd. (ABN 38 167 106 176). Valid Australian bank account is required. Actual fee depends upon payment card processing history, loan amount and other eligibility factors. A minimum payment of 1/18th of the initial loan balance is required every 60 days and full loan repayment is required within 18 months. Loan eligibility is not guaranteed. Eligibility criteria include consistent and continuous payment card processing through Square. All loans are subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.

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